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24 Appliance
2000L, 4WD General Purpose Appliance

A 24 appliance (pronounced as 'two - four appliance'), carries around 2000 litres of water and has 4 wheel drive capability.

A 24 appliance is the second most common type of appliance found in the CFS. Varieties exist within this type of appliance and the following are some of these

  • 24 Rural, which carries the standard stowage. (24R)
  • 24 Urban / Rural, standard stowage with BA sets. (24UR)
  • 24 Urban / Rural Pumper, with extra BA sets, larger pump and equipment space. (24URP)
  • 24 Special, with extra lockers for carrying specialised equipment, such as RCR and Hazmat. (24S)
  • 24 Pumper, with a larger than normal pump for Urban area coverage. (24P)
  • 24 CAFS, with a Compressed Air Foam Induction system fitted. (24CAFS)

A 24 appliance is suitable for most terrain conditions and combating all response types the CFS attend.


Each 24 appliance carries a basic set of equipment, which may include:

Additional equipment listed below may be carried, depending on individual brigade requirements:

Please Note: The above information is provided as an example of a typical appliance of this type. Actual equipment and configuration of appliances may vary to suit requirements of the station to which it belongs.