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32 Appliance

3000L, 2WD General Purpose Appliance

A 32 appliance (pronounced as 'three - two appliance') carries approximately 3000 litres of water and is a two wheel drive vehicle.

The last 32 appliance in the CFS fleet was decommissioned in March 2010 from the Brinkworth brigade.

A 32 appliance was suitable for flat or undulating terrain conditions and suitable for combating grass, scrub and bushfires. A 32 appliance also had a use in urban environments, sometimes being fitted with larger capacity pumps as well as being used at hazardous materials spills and Road Crashes


All 32 appliances carried a basic set of firefighting equipment, which may have included:

Other equipment carried on a 32 appliance, depending upon individual brigade requirements, may have included:

  • Breathing Apparatus
  • Hydraulic Road Crash Rescue equipment
  • Haligan tool
  • Ceiling pike
  • Hazmat Equipment
  • Chainsaw
  • Rescue Stretcher
  • Appliance UHF radio
  • Trauma Teddy
  • Oxygen kit
  • Absorbant material (for oil spills etc)
  • Salvage Sheet

Please Note: The above information is provided as an example of a typical appliance of this type. Actual equipment and configuration of appliances may vary to suit requirements of the station to which it belongs.