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Logistics appliances
Support vehicles

A Logistics vehicle is used to provide logistics support during a major incident.

Logistics vehicles are generally goods carrying and may be 4 wheel drive capable if needed for a particular risk. They generally do not carry water for firefighting but some smaller four wheel drives have a firefighting capability.

Their function will vary, depending upon the area, and the type of incident they are assisting with.

A logistics vehicle may be used to take food to firefighters at an incident, take additional firefighters to and from an incident, ferrying additional equipment to or from a scene, for example: taking empty Breathing Apparatus cylinders from an extended incident to refill them, and then returning them to the scene.


The equipment carried in a logistics vehicle will vary greatly, depending upon what the brigade or group uses the vehicle for.

Each logistics vehicle may carry:

Please Note: The above information is provided as an example of a typical appliance of this type. Actual equipment and configuration of appliances may vary to suit requirements of the station to which it belongs.