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Extinguisher Training, Truro
Extinguisher Training, Truro     -     Photo: Truro CFS

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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Joining the CFS

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Recent News

Refurbished 14s for Yalanda James (16-July-2024)
New Car 2 for Western Eyre Group (14-July-2024)
Welcome Sturt and Southern Fleurieu Ops brigades (6-July-2024)
Refubished 34 for Pondooma (4-July-2024)
44 for Mundoora (3-July-2024)
New 34 for Roseworthy (1-July-2024)
New 34P for Eden HIlls (29-June-2024)
Grass and scrub fire Marble Hill -26th May- Photos (20-June-2024)
Grass and scrub fire Marble Hill -11th May- Photos (17-June-2024)
Structure fire exercise, Mount Pleasant - Photos (10-June-2024)
Refurbished 34 for Wisanger (30-May-2024)

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Featured CFS Station

We've randomly chosen Willalooka CFS as our feature station for your visit to our site.
Willalooka Station
Willalooka Station     -     Picture by CFS Promotions Unit

Links To Other Sites

Our links pages include 1311 links to Australian and and international emergency services related sites, including links to all 6 CFS Stations known to have their own Internet Sites.

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Who Is the CFS Promotions Unit ?

Logo of the CFSVA Official CFS Insignia - The Fire Service Star The CFS Promotions Unit was formed in 1994 with a CFS mobile display unit known as the Pantech to promote the role of the CFS and the volunteers that make the CFS the great organisation that it is. It was found that prior to the unit, most people were unaware that the CFS did more than just combat bushfires.

The CFS Promotions Unit website started in 1996 as part of the Pantech display and was linked to an interactive map. In 1998, the website was launched on to the Internet, with a major overhaul of the website in 2001 and again in 2005. The Photographic section of the Unit took off with the advent of digital cameras and many images were made available on the Photo galleries on the site. The Pantech was retired after 10 years of service and the Unit continued to operate with other vehicles enabling the Unit to travel all over the State. In 2012, the website evolved to include a large History section to compliment the up to date information on each brigade, as well as expanding to cover many other South Australian Emergency Services.

The website is a way for brigades to recruit and inform members, to assist the public in understanding something about the CFS - including their local brigade - and to promote the volunteering ethic.

The Website Administrators - Pip & Ashley, who are both CFS volunteers, run the site, with input from CFS members and the public all over the State. The information on this website is updated regularly, through mailouts to brigades, and input via the website.

Photographs are updated whenever possible, and while most of the photographs are taken by the Website Administrators on their travels across the state, it is often difficult for them to update those photos on a regular basis. The Website Administrators welcome suitable photographs from anyone.

This is not the official site of the SA Country Fire Service or the Country Fire Service Volunteers Association. Their official sites can be accessed by clicking on the logos. This site is however operated with the full co-operation of the SA Country Fire Service (CFS) Headquarters and individual CFS Brigades. It also has the full endorsement and support of the Country Fire Service Volunteers Association (CFSVA).

Further details on the funding and ownership of this site can be found in the legal section in the menu bar on the left of screen.

Pip & Ashley
Administrators, CFS Promotions Unit Website 2024