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34 Pumper Appliance
3000L, 4WD General Purpose Appliance

The 34 Pumper appliance, carries around 3000 litres of water and has 4 wheel drive capability. This configuration allows the standard 34 stowage to be carried, as well as Breathing Apparatus and Structural firefighting tools, and is fitted with additional outlets on the pump, more suited for structure fires and incidents requiring large volumes of water.

Some configurations carry equipment to assist with Road Crash Rescues or containing and neutralising Hazardous Material spills.


Each 34 Pumper appliance carries a basic set of equipment, which may include:

Additional equipment listed below may be carried, depending on individual brigade requirements:

  • Haligan tool
  • Breathing Apparatus
  • Road Crash Rescue equipment
  • Trauma Teddy
  • Absorbant material (for oil spills etc)
  • Chainsaw
  • GPS

Please Note: The above information is provided as an example of a typical appliance of this type. Actual equipment and configuration of appliances may vary to suit requirements of the station to which it belongs.