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SA Country Fire Service Station

Gilbert Group

Information on this station was last updated on Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Gilbert Group base - at Saddleworth Station
Gilbert Group base - at Saddleworth Station     -     Picture by CFS Promotions Unit
Gilbert BW13
Gilbert BW13     -     Picture by CFS Promotions Unit
Gilbert Car 1
Gilbert Car 1     -     Picture by Andrew Horwood
Gilbert Car 2
Gilbert Car 2     -     Picture by Andrew Horwood
Gilbert Logistics
Gilbert Logistics     -     Picture by CFS Promotions Unit
Gilbert Remote Access Trailer
Gilbert Remote Access Trailer     -     Picture by CFS Promotions Unit

Comments On Station Based at Saddleworth Station
New BWC delivered May 2017
New Car 1 delivered December 2019
New Car 2 delivered May 2021

Group Members This station is actually a Group Headquarters, with the following stations belonging to the Group:
    Gilbert Group
    Neales Flat
Information on this page is about the Group Headquarters and not about all stations belonging to the group.

Station Information
Region : Region 2

Contact Information
Physical Location Charles Street, Saddleworth SA
(See this station on Google Maps)
CFS Map Book Map: YPMN 236 Ref: 953265
GPS Latitude: -34.084322 Longitude: 138.782775
(See an aerial view of this station using Google Earth (GDA94))
Phone Numbers In an EMERGENCY Triple Zero - 000
Station When Manned (08) 8847 4084
Fax (08) 8847 4368
Postal Address 320 Oaklynn Rd,
Hamilton SA 5373

How To Join
Training Occurs
Advice to Recruits
Advice to Cadets

Vehicles & Appliances
Gilbert BW13 Large Volume Water Tanker
Make and Model: Isuzu FVZ1400
Water Capacity: 13000 Litres
Registration Number: S833AQD
Equipment: Floating Collar Dam: 1
Gilbert Car 1 Command Vehicle
Make and Model: Toyota Hilux
Registration Number: S067AQW
Gilbert Car 2 Command Vehicle
Make and Model: Toyota Hilux
Registration Number: S112BQB
Gilbert Group Pump Trailer Support Trailer
Make and Model:
Gilbert Group Remote Access trailer Support Trailer
Make and Model: Elllbourne Engieering
Registration Number: S314TQA
Equipment: Lighting
Quick Fill Pump
Gilbert Logistics Logistics Support Vehicle
Make and Model: Isuzu D-Max
Registration Number: S575AQK
Equipment: GPS

Emergency Response Information
Response Types : Specialist Administration - Administration Centre
Specialist Command - Major Incident Coordination
Specialist Comms - Major Incident Communications
Natural Disasters - Storm Damage / Flooding
Fires - Other - Car, Rubbish and Other fires
Road Crash Rescue - Road Crash Rescue
Fires - Rural - Grass Fires, Bush Fires
Fires - Structure - House / Factory / Shed Fires
Specialist Equipment : Breathing Apparatus - 18 sets
BA Compressor - 2 unit(s)
Chainsaw - 6 saw(s)
Defibrillator - 4 unit(s)
Firefighting Foam - 1400 Litres
Portable Generator - 3 unit(s)
GPS - 8 unit(s)
Portable flood lighting - 4 set(s)
Floating Collar Dam - 2 dam(s)
Quick Fill Pump - 1 unit(s)
RCR Heavy / Light - 2 set(s)
Response Area Includes : Agricultural Crops - Agricultural Crops
Grasslands - Grasslands
Hills & Mountains - Hills & Mountains
Hospital / Nursing Home - Hospitals and Aged Care facilities
Orchard / Viticulture - Fruit Orchards & Vineyards
National Parks - National Park areas
Rural Areas - General Rural environments
Bushland & Scrub - Bushland & Scrub
Silos - Grain Silos
Towns & Urban Areas - Towns & Urban Areas
Communications : GRN Radio Channel: 097 & 077
VHF Radio Channel: 63, 62, 58

Incidents Attended Statistics for 2019-20 - 1 Responses
Scrub and grass fire 1 100.00% 11 Hrs 100.00%
Total Incidents for 2019-20 1 11 Hrs
Total Incidents for 2017-18 1 4 Hrs
Total Incidents for 2007-08 1
Total Incidents for 2006-07 22 807 Hrs
Total Incidents for 2005-06 35 404 Hrs
Total Incidents for 2004-05 19 72 Hrs
Total Incidents for 2003-04 8 55 Hrs
Total Incidents for 2002-03 3 29 Hrs
Total Incidents for 2001-02 18 141 Hrs
Total Incidents for 2000-01 15
Total Incidents for 1999-00 10
Total Incidents for 1998-99 16
Total Incidents for 1997-98 7

Post Codes
In Response Area
5356 5373 5374 5381 5401 5410 5411 5412 5413 5414 5451
Towns, Suburbs & Localities In Response Area
Apoinga, SA
Auburn, SA
Australia Plains, SA
Bethel, SA
Black Springs, SA
Bower, SA
Brady Creek, SA
Bright, SA
Brownlow, SA
Buchanan, SA
Emu Downs, SA
Eudunda, SA
Geranium Plains, SA
Giles Corner, SA
Hallelujah Hills, SA
Hamilton, SA
Hampden, SA
Hansborough, SA
Julia, SA
Manoora, SA
Marrabel, SA
Navan, SA
Neales Flat, SA
Ngapala, SA
Peep Hill, SA
Point Pass, SA
Rhynie, SA
Riverton, SA
Robertstown, SA
Saddleworth, SA
Salter Springs,
Steelton, SA
Steinfeld, SA
Stockport, SA
Sutherlands, SA
Tarlee, SA
Tarnma, SA
Tothill Belt, SA
Tothill Creek, SA
Undalya, SA
Waterloo, SA
Woolshed Flat, SA
Worlds End, SA

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