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Floating Collar Dam

A way to store water in remote locations

A Portadam on the fireground

This equipment provides a means of holding large volumes of water at a temporary location for the purpose of firefighting. They can also be called Portadams or Flexible Water Tanks.

These dams are located all over the State in locations deemed suitable for quick deployment to fires and sizes vary from 1,000 litre to 10,000 litre capacity. Most Bulk Water Carriers carry these dams, as well as Air Support and HAZMAT brigades to enable a water source to be set up close to the incident. This allows appliances and tankers to fill the dam, then proceed to get additional water at another location leaving the dam for other appliances to refill from it.

It is the floating collar at the top of the dam wall that provides a means of containing the water. The dams are transported in a folded state in a bag, then unfolded once in position on a level surface. They are a self erecting design so as the water level increases, the walls expand to suit and the collar keeps the opening level. Outlets located on the lower sides of the dam provide connections to pumps and hoses.

They are constructed out of PVC material and will be supplied with a PVC groundsheed to protect the base when on the ground.

A Portadam

Photographs on this page taken by CFS Promotions Unit and Minlaton CFS