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Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment

What Firefighters Wear

Every Firefighter in the CFS is issued with Personal Protective Clothing (PPC), along with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which is to be worn during activities in the CFS as appropriate to the level of protection that is required.

The CFS have four categories of protective clothing, starting at an Operation Field Uniform, up to Urban Firefighting ensemble and includes High Visibility Industrial Workwear and Air Operations Flight Suits for specialist activites where firefighters may not be dealing with direct firefighting.

The PPC and PPE is designed to protect the wearer from radiant heat, embers, rain / cold, and general hazards encountered on the fireground or incident they are attending. This ensemble will include a jacket, pants with braces, helmet, boots, gloves, eye protection and respiratory protection masks. All of these items are designed to comply with a standard to ensure they will keep the wearer safe in performing their duties.

The different types of PPC / PPE now issued in the CFS include the Operational Field uniform, a Rural ensemble, Structural ensemble and Specialist HAZMAT / CBR ensemble, Air Operations and Support Crew Workwear ensemble.

Catagory 1: Operational Field Uniform

Catagory 2: Rural Firefighting Ensemble

Catagory 3: Urban Firefighting Ensemble

Catagory 4: Specialist PPC

Air Operations and Support Crew

HAZMAT / CBR ensemble

A Rural Firefighting Ensemble An Urban Firefighting Ensemble

Photographs on this page taken by the CFS Promotions Unit.