South Australian Country Fire Service Promotions Unit

Raising awareness of the roles, training and activities of CFS Volunteers state-wide


Bushland Areas
Bushland and Scrub areas.

Scrublands in Northern Australia Mallee Scrub near Murray Bridge

Australia is well known for its bushland and scrub areas, with South Australia having a very diverse variety from the South East region to the Far North aboriginal areas.

Most areas contain Native vegetation species and the CFS brigades will have a pre plan arranged to cater for this.  It may include the means of backburning a perimeter, or to gain access into the fire to extinguish it.

Bushland in the Adelaide hills 

The scrub areas are also a haven for Fauna, and this is taken into account when burning operations are considered.  The Department of the Environment and Heritage assists with much of the information on this area.

Photos from the Department and Environmental Heritage website and Ashley Hosking, CFS Promotions Unit