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Arid Areas
Arid inland areas. The 'Outback'

Arid areas, also known as the Outback in South Australia covers in excess of 50% of the State, exist from a line drawn from Broken Hill to Ceduna and Eucla, northward to the Northern Territory border. The region contains internationally, nationally and locally significant areas, with some of Australia's icons such as Lake Eyre, being the sink of the Lake Eyre basin, covering around one-sixth of the Australian mainland, and the Flinders Ranges. Within these areas, the flora and fauna are sparce with little tall vegetation on the plain and desert areas. In the mountain areas, the vegetation flourishes.

Pastoralism is the most widespread land use, but such a large land area, enormous distances and small population, less than 2% of the State, can pose problems for management of the natural resources.

The risks in these areas of fire are small with traditional land management practices maintaining a minimal danger. The majority of incidents in these areas comprise Road Crash Rescues, searches and industrial incidents involving mining and exploration companies.

Photo taken by CFS Promotions Unit