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A hand tool for Bushfire fighting

A rakehoe in use A Rakehoe is a long handled tool for Bushfire fighting. It is used to contruct fire breaks and control lines, assist with mop up operations and can be used to spread out burning materials for extinguishment.

It consists of a combination heavy rake and a hoe. The rake is used to break through debris on the ground, similar to a garden rake, and the hoe part has a sharpened edge to assist in cutting through hard ground and foliage for creating a bare earth break.

Most appliances carry two rakehoes, with new appliances carrying rakehoes with utility handles, which can also clip into brooms and shovel heads instead of having fixed handles.

This tool is also refered to as a McLeod tool in America after its designer.

Photographs on this page taken by Ashley Hosking, CFS Promotions Unit