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Scaling heights

A extension ladder in use

CFS Appliances are equipped with a range of ladders to assist with firefighting efforts, rescues or observation. New lightweight varieties of ladders can gain access to more awkward locations than conventional types, and are a combination step and extension ladder. The most current type in the CFS is the Little Giant ladder with the more conventional extension ladders still the most common found on appliances.

Terminology used to describe the parts of ladders are 'Head' for the top, and 'Heel' for the bottom, with 'Strings' being the two side pieces and 'Rounds' being the round steps holding the ladder together. The 'Extending Line', 'Pawl' and 'Pully' are the componants used to extend an extension ladder.

A telescopic ladder in use

Photographs on this page taken by Ashley Hosking, CFS Promotions Unit