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EMA - Enhanced Mutual Aid
Working together with the SA Metropolitan Fire Service

Enhanced Mutual Aid (EMA) involves an agreement between the Country Fire Service (CFS, volunteer fire service) and Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS, paid fire service) to assist each other in areas where the borders of the two services meet. Regardless of where an incident might be, the closest service is dispatched. In many instances, both CFS and MFS crews are dispatched to the same call.

Working Together

All crews are trained to the same standard, and equipment between the services is compatible and often interchangeable.

During major incidents within MFS area, when a large number of MFS crews are occupied, CFS brigades from adjoining areas will assist MFS by either attending the incident, or by standing by in an MFS station, in case of any other emergencies. CFS crews will then respond to calls as required in the Metropolitan area as if an MFS crew.

EMA at work on scene

EMA is not just confined to the Adelaide Metropolitan area. In many areas of South Australia where an MFS station exists in a country town, and a CFS station nearby, EMA is also utilised. Because of this arrangement, joint training sessions are often held between MFS and CFS.

Photographs on this page taken by CFS Promotions Unit