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Rank markings

CFS Ranks & How to Identify Them

Firefighters Helmets

Volunteer Rank

Firefighter All Volunteers start as Firefighters and can be elected to more senior positions within their brigade. Firefighters Helmet Firefighters Epaulette
Senior Firefighter Senior Firefighters are usually elected by members of their brigade. A brigade may have between 0 - 4 Senior Firefighters Senior Firefighters Helmet Senior Firefighters Epaulette
Lieutenant A Lieutenant is the first level of an officer. All officers are elected by brigade members every two years. A brigade can have between 2 - 4 Lieutenants. Lieutenants Helmet Lieutenants Epaulette
Captain A Captain is the most senior person in a brigade and is ultimately responsible for the operational and administrative aspects of the brigade. Captains Helmet Captains Epaulette
Deputy Group Officer The Deputy assists the Group Officer, and commonly is responsible for a collection of brigades within a Group. A Group may have 1-3 Deputy Group Officers. Deputy Group Officers Helmet Deputy Group Officers Epaulette
Group Officer The Group Officer is the most senior rank that is held by a volunteer in the CFS. A Group officer is responsible for the operational and administrative aspects of a geographical grouping of brigades. Group Officers Helmet Group Officers Epaulette

Staff Rank

The following ranks are held by employees of the South Australian Country Fire Service.
The Chief Officer assigns these ranks for specific operational roles, functions, responsibilites and delgations pursuant to the South Australian Fire and Emergency Service Act 2005..

Staff Member This is for employees of the SACFS which may include fulltime, part-time, contracted and casual employees. Staff Officers Helmet Staff Members Epaulette
Staff Officer Staff Officers are generally based in regional offices assisting the Regional Commander in the administrative duties for that region. Staff Officers Helmet Staff Officers Epaulette
Deputy Commander A Deputy Commander supports the Commander. Deputy Commanders Helmet Deputy Commanders Epaulette
Commander A Commander maintains an operational lead of specific operational capability or business unit, such as a Region, and is commonly based in a regional office and may still be referred to a a Regional Officer. Commanders Helmet Commanders Epaulette
Assistant Chief Officer An Assistant Chief Officer is responsible for all services supporting operations including fire prevention, equipment design and training. Assistant Chief Officers Helmet Assistant Chief Officers Epaulette
Deputy Chief Officer The Deputy Chief Officer is responsible for ensuring that the CFS is ready for, and responds to any incident that occurs in the community it protects.
Deputy Chief Officers Helmet Deputy Chief Officers Epaulette
Chief Officer The Chief Officer is appointed by the South Australian Fire and Emergency Services Commission Board and is responsible to the board and the Minister for Emergency Services on all matters concerning the CFS. Chief Officers Helmet Chief Officers Epaulette

Information on this page sourced from the SACFS COSO 19 - 2017. Photos taken by CFS Promotions Unit