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South Australian National Parks Unit

Riverland District

Information on this station was last updated on Friday, July 2, 2010

Group Members This station is actually a Group Headquarters, with the following stations belonging to the Group:
    Riverland District
Information on this page is about the Group Headquarters and not about all stations belonging to the group.

Station Information
Region : Murraylands Region (NPWSA)
Although funded separately, The Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources units operate as part of the SA Country Fire Service command structure.

Contact Information
Physical Location 28 Vaughan Terrace, Berri SA
Phone Numbers In an EMERGENCY Triple Zero - 000
Station When Manned (08) 8595 2111
Postal Address 28 Vaughan Terrace,
Berri SA 5343

How To Join
Training Occurs As arranged
Advice to Recruits Must be an employee of DENR
Advice to Cadets

Vehicles & Appliances
Murraylands Car 1 Command Unit
Make and Model: Nissan Patrol
Registration Number: XQP026

Emergency Response Information
Response Types : Fires - Rural - Grass Fires, Bush Fires
Specialist Equipment : Firefighting Foam
Response Area Includes : Grasslands - Grasslands
Hills & Mountains - Hills & Mountains
National Parks - National Park areas
Rural Areas - General Rural environments
Bushland & Scrub - Bushland & Scrub
Communications :

Post Codes
In Response Area
Towns, Suburbs & Localities In Response Area

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