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SA Volunteer Fire Fighters Museum Inc.

A CFSVA Sub Committee

Fire services all around Australia are making great achievements in preserving the physical reminders of their firefighting heritage.

At a meeting held in February 2006 between CFS, CFSVA volunteers and staff, a Working Party was formed to investigate how to best preserve the significant heritage of the CFS.

The working party comprised the following members:

  • Rex Hall, President CFSVA SE Branch, Working Party Chairman
  • Wayne Byrne, CFS employee responsible for the roll out of new appliances and disposal of those being retired.
  • Wayne Ellard and John Forster, CFSVA representatives
  • Advisors: Euan Ferguson, CFS Chief Officer & Ken Schutz, CFSVA State President

The Working Party obtained funding from CFS and the then VFBA, now the CFSVA and has leased a large pavilion at the former Naracoorte Showgrounds which houses a number of 'out of service' appliances.

As a CFS Committee of both the CFS and CFSVA members it has:

  • Established terms of reference with the mission of
    'The Preservation of the history of volunteer fire fighting in South Australia', and
  • Is now in the process of arranging for the safe storage of old competition trophies and volunteer fire service clothing and equipment.

In January 2012, the establishment of a registered museum took place, along with a name change to the SA Volunteer Fire Fighters Museum Inc.

The SA Volunteer Fire Fighters Museum Inc. is seeking gifts of items worthy of preservation which, when ultimately displayed, will be suitably acknowledged. CFS members with items of interest are asked to contact Rex Hall on either 08 8762 1424, or 0417 081 560 or

Preservation of the history of the volunteer services of South Australia

See what is happening with the Committee at their website here:

Information and Photos from the Heritage Working Party Brochure