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34 Appliance
3000L, 4WD General Purpose Appliance

Millbrook 34 appliance Mount Bold 34 appliance

A 34 appliance (pronounced as 'three - four appliance'), carries around 3000 litres of water and has 4 wheel drive capability.

A 34 appliance is suitable for all terrain conditions and is suitable for combating rural incidents and Urban responses. It carries a basic set of equipment, with additional specialist equipment being carried, depending upon individual brigade requirements.

These 34 appliances are owned by SA Water, and are crewed by DEH staff for each fire season.


A 34 will carry a basic set of equipment, which may include:

  • Rubber line (side line)
  • 25 mm hose
  • 38 mm hose
  • 64 mm hose
  • 64 mm filler length
  • Suction hoses
  • Foam
  • First Aid kit
  • Standpipe & key
  • Fire lighters
  • Rake hoe
  • Assorted extinguishers
  • Rope
  • Knapsacks
  • GRN radio
  • GRN hand held radio
  • VHF and /or UHF handhelds
  • Stop / Slow bats
  • Safety vests
  • Traffic Cones

Additonal equipment may be carried, depending on individual brigade requirements. Equipment carried may include:

  • Haligan tool
  • Absorbant material (for oil spills etc)
  • Chainsaw
  • Generator
  • Additional lighting
  • Salvage sheet
  • GPS

Please Note: The above information is provided as an example of a typical appliance of this type. Actual equipment and configuration of appliances may vary to suit requirements of the station to which it belongs.