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School road safety program, Willunga - Photos
Submitted On Friday, October 23, 2009
Submitted By Pip

Photos taken at a school road safety program demo at Willunga, are now available.

Go to Photos on the menu to your left, => Large Incidents and follow the prompts.

The road safety program demo involved local CFS, local police, SA Ambulance, local funeral directors, local road safety groups and local tow company, showing to students what can happen in a serious road crash.

The demo involved a two car collsion in the main street, with one person killed, and two seriously injured. The demo shows what is required of emergency services to treat the injured and safely remove them from the damaged vehicles for transport to hospital.

The demonstration also graphically illustrated the removal of the deceased from a crashed car by police, and being taken away by funeral directors, while the distressed "mother" of the deceased watches on.

Students from the Willunga High School took part in the demo as the injured and deceased, while their peers watched on.

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