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New Tanker pack - Angaston Group
Submitted On Thursday, November 13, 2008
Submitted By Pip

The Angaston CFS Group have designed a "Tanker pack" for use by private Tankers when utilised by the CFS.

The Angaston CFS Group utilise Tankers from local wine businesses to cart water for fire fighting purposes, when required.

The Tanker pack has been designed to by the Angaston CFS Group, to
provide all the items needed, to ensure that the Tanker is clearly
identified as being used by the CFS, gets to where it needs to go, can communicate with CFS, and can connect hoses to CFS appliances.

The Tanker pack comes in a two bags, and includes reflective "CFS
Tanker" signs to place on the front and rear of the vehicle, CFS map books, CFS radios (VHF and GRN), coupling adapters and reflective safety vests.

Private Tankers responding to an incident at the request of CFS are
provided with the Tanker pack, and accompanied by CFS firefighter.

The Tanker Packs have been put together with the financial support of the Lindner Group.

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