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Exercise Easter Brake - April 4th
Submitted On Wednesday, March 28, 2007
Submitted By Pip

Exercise Easter Brake, was first formed in 2001 to educate High School students in the Adelaide Hills on the impact of motor vehicle collisions, not only on themselves but on the wider community. The exercise involves Hills-Murray LSA traffic section & Major Crash Investigators, Stirling CFS, SAAS, Adelaide Bank Rescue Helicopter, medical retrieval team, Kleeman funeral directors, Allianz insurance Hills Towing & Crash repairs & the Adelaide Hills Council.

As in previous years, Exercise Easter Brake shows to high students, in a very graphic way, what happens in a fatal road crash - from the first response by the Emergency Services, through to the attendance of the funeral directors.

Following the demonstration, students participate in a discussion, with representatives of the various groups invloved, which aims to show the medium and long term consequences of a serious road crash.

Overall, Exercise Easter Brake aims to get people, especially highh school aged kids, who may be just starting to get their drivers licences, to think carefully about their driving behaviour, and that of their friends and associates.

Students from year 11 & 12, at Heathfield High School, Oakbank Area School, Adelaide Hills Vocational Group (TAFE), and more will be invloved.

Exercise Easter Brake will be held on Longwood Road, in the vicinity of the Heathfield Hight School on 4th April 2007, from 10.45 a.m.

Photographs from Exercise Easter Brake 2006 are on this website - go to "Photos" => Large incidents and follows the links

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