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Calling all Web Site Developers
Submitted On Monday, October 13, 2003
Submitted By Nick Warwick

The CFS Promotions Unit website would like to hear from any CFS member who is interested in taking on the technical maintenance and further development of this web site,

The ideal candidate to take over the site would be a CFS member with programming experience, particularly in HTML and ASP (a variant of visual basic). This may suit a university student who is looking for a design project to run during their final year studies, where re-development of the site would provide them with a real project that is visible and possibly help them obtain their first post-training employment.

The entire site has been hand-coded and developed without any development tools, so a good knowledge of directly coding in ASP (Active Server Pages) is definately required, or will need to be included as part of the persons studies. All existing source code and databases will be made available as will on-going e-mail assistance from the original developer.

Any person who is interested should contact either the web site managers Pip McGowan ( or Ashely Hoskings

Technical information can be obtained by contacting the current web site developer, Nick Warwick.

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