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Supporting the CFS
Submitted On Sunday, January 5, 2020
Submitted By Pip

We have had several queries about how to make a donation to CFS.

There are several ways you can help:

Donate to your local brigade - contact your local brigade, and see what they might need. Most brigades DO NOT need donations of things like drinking water (that is something that your Emergency Service Levy funds).

Cash donated directly to the brigade, to enable them to purchase extras that are not generally funded under the ESL is one way to help. Contact your local brigade for details.

Join your local brigade - become a member - in an active firefighting role (all training provided), or a support role - such as being part of an Incident Management Team, with roles such as radio operator, scribe, logistics, staging and more (training provided!). Speak to your local brigade.

PLEASE NOTE some brigades (particularly those on the urban fringe of Adelaide) may be full, and unable to accept new members at this time. Most brigades require you to live within a specified time / distance from the fire station - if you do not live nearby the station, you may not be accepted for membership.

This website has a search function to help you identify the closest CFS brigade to you.

Donate to the CFS Foundation

The CFS Foundation is an organisation that assist CFS volunteers in their time of need - such as injury, or loosing their home.

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