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Update your brigade details
Submitted On Wednesday, August 24, 2016
Submitted By Pip

With CFS Annual General Meeting season almost complete, new office bearers will take up their positions from 1st September, about now is a good time to update your brigade information on the CFS Promotions Unit website!!!

You may (or may not!) be aware that the CFS Promotions Unit website is not part of CFS HQ, but run by two CFS volunteers.

While the Promotions Unit is supported by CFS HQ (including supplying data to us) there is information either not easily collated by CFS HQ, or the information should not be released publicly without permission of the person involved (eg private phone numbers etc)

So, take a few minutes to have a look at the details on your brigade or group - by going to

and type your brigade / group name into Find a station.

You can update your details via your brigade / group page, (just click on the button at the bottom of the page)

by emailing us

or you can send us a private message via our

Please consider supplying a contact name, phone number / email address for recruiting purposes - it makes it easier for interested people to contact your brigade. (We check names of office holders via the Regional Directories, but will not include phone numbers / emails of members without their permission)

If your brigade / group has received new equipment over the last year (or we havent caught up with changes previously!) please let us know. This particularly applies to equipment such as defibs, Thermal Imaging Cameras, oxygen therapy & chainsaws, which are at times difficult for us to keep up with!!

The success of the Promotions Unit website is because of the input of members from the ground up, not waiting for the information to come down!!


Pip & Ashes

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