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Thanks to the firefighters
Submitted On Thursday, January 10, 2002
Submitted By Judi Barnes

A letter in "The Advertiser", dated Wednesday the 9th January 2002

Cheers to our firefighters and volunteers

This letter is to highly commend the men and women of the SA Country Fire Service and the SA Metropolitan Fire Service who came to NSW to help fight the devastating outbreak of fires in and around Sydney.

During their six-day stay, 460 SA fireighters and volunteers were residents at the Pacific International Hotel in Parramatta.

Although under enormous pressure from working long and arduous hours in the field, the general code of behaviour, tolerance and camaraderie displayed by every crew member was most exemplary.

It was indeed a pleasure and a privilege for the hotel to be host to this fine body of courageous men and women, and my staff and I would like to thank each and everyone of them for being such courteous guests and for the fantastic results they achieved.

General Manager,
Pacific International,
Parramatta, NSW.

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