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Updates on the Bushfire situation in NSW
Submitted On Tuesday, January 1, 2002
Submitted By Ashley Hosking

New South Wales is continuing to experience significant fires in a number of areas, although there have been no confirmed reports of life or property losses in the past 24 hours.

The South Australian fire crews remain deployed at the Mt. Hall fire near Katoomba in the Blue Mountains.

On Tuesday, all current fires, with the exception of one, broke through containment lines with some experiencing significant runs, with these fires still burning out of control.

A number of new fires have started, significantly increasing the pressure on all resources. At least ten communities were identified as having a high potential for life and property loss late yesterday and overnight.

The NSW Rural Fire Service Commissioner complimented all interstate agencies on the tremendous effort, commitment and courage shown by everyone involved in the campaign.

The weather predicted across the state for today is again hot, with an expected maximum of 35 degrees and winds of 50-70km/h. The relative humidity is again low, about 9%. The long-term forecast indicates conditions are not expected to ease until the weekend.

The South Australian crews have been deployed this morning to continue with a strategic back burns with the NSW RFS resources until 11 am in an effort to bolster containment lines before the weather deteriorates. The expected maximum temperature for Mt Hall is 30 degrees, with winds of 45-65 km/h.

Task Force Alpha and Bravo (currently working in NSW) comprise of the following personnel:

MFS 45
Region One 94
Region Two 43
Region Three 54
Region Four 31
Region Five 70
Region Six 28

Total: 386

A further 456 firefighters will be sent to Sydney today and tomorrow to help fight the devasting bushfires.

These include a replacement crew for the 386 firefighters who comprise Alpha and Bravo Task Force who were deployed since last weekend, as well as an additional 70 firefighters.

Task Force Echo and Foxtrot which will depart Adelaide today and tomorrow and arrive in NSW will comprise of:

Region One 29
Region Two 8
Region Five 10
MFS 10
R1 Appliance Drivers 13

Total: 70

Task Force Charlie and Delta which will depart Adelaide tomorrow comprises of the following:

Region One 126
Region Two 62
Region Three 49
Region Four 22
Region Five 42
Region Six 20
OH@S/Stress Prevention 3

Total: 386

A convoy of 5 appliances and 1 command vehicle was mobilised at 8.30am this morning and will travel non-stop to Rosehill Headquarters in NSW for deployment.

This takes the total level of support to:
456 firefighting personnel
30 4wd rural fire appliances
5 bulk water carriers
1 MFS mechanical repair vehicle
11 command vehicles
8 liaison personnel from MFS and CFS.

Further information about the NSW situation can be found on

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