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Update your brigade details
Submitted On Sunday, September 1, 2013
Submitted By Pip

September the 1st is when the new office holders officially take over their positions.

While brigades send back their Annual returns to their Regional Office, which includes details of new (and existing) office holders, this information does not come to the Promotions Unit website for some time (until all of the information has been collated) - which means we have to wait for all brigades to return their information.

You can update your brigades information on the Promotions Unit website, simply by sending us an email, and advising of name(s), phone numbers, and instructions for new members interesting in joining your brigade, or for members of the community wanting to contact you for non-operational issues.

You can email us using our contacts page, or via the button at the bottom of your brigade page.

Any other changes to thing such as brigade email address, postal address, additions / changes to stowage can be made in the same way.

These changes can be at any time.

Help us to keep our website as up to date as possible. You never know - it might even help you gain new members!

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