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Building the Promotions Unit Mobile Display Unit
Submitted On Thursday, May 9, 2024
Submitted By Pip

At the end of July 1994, the trailer was sent off to be painted at BusCoach - the only facility large enough to paint it in Adelaide.
The facility normally paints interstate coaches & buses, but could also paint the trailer in their giant painting oven.

It would take two weeks to repair the trailers bodywork, prepare and paint the unit. Unfortunately, a week of rain caused a delay to repair work and the staff at BusCoach worked hard to minimise the delay.

While the trailer was being painted, the team worked on pre-fabricating interior walls and ceilings, light fittings, stair cases, computers and electronics.

All of the remaining materials were collected and purchased.

Everything that could be built was, and all was ready for installation in the trailer.

When the freshly painted trailer rolled back CFS Headquarters to be completed, only eight days remained before the official opening. A lot of work had yet to be done, including building the interior, installing equipment and all of the sign-writing.

Over those eight days, at any given point in time, up to twenty volunteers, their friends and family were working almost around the clock at full effort to finish building the unit.

The walls and lights were installed, radio antennas and lighting systems attached, computers and ceilings bolted into place. A new carpet floor was installed on the last day, and the first photographic display placed on the walls.

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