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The beginnings of the Promotions Unit
Submitted On Wednesday, May 8, 2024
Submitted By Pip

The very beginnings of the SACFS Promotions Unit was conceived and designed by Nick, a volunteer with Burnside CFS, as a part of his University Studies, and built with the help of his good friend and fellow CFS volunteer, Simon and by over 30 other friends, CFS volunteers and family members.

In January 1994, the original pencil drawings of the design for a new semi-trailer sized mobile promotions unit were presented to the Volunteer Fire Brigades Association executive (VFBA - now the CFSVA - who represented volunteers to the CFS Board) and the CFS Board (who operated the CFS and reported to the Minister for Emergency Services).
The plan to build was approved and an old pantechnicon trailer - already owned by the VFBA - was released to be transformed into the Promotions Unit.

The University of South Australia also agreed to Nick building the Unit, and the associated electronics, as design project for his degree in Electronic Engineering.

The process of getting the sponsorship and volunteers to build the unit could now begin, with the new Mobile Promotions Unit to be launched at the 1994 Royal Adelaide Show in September.

The next four months were spent largely developing plans, designing the interior and exterior of the vehicle, electrical, electronic and communications systems. Most of the time was spent attracting sponsors for everything from personal computers, paint, electronics display materials, lights and much needed funds.

The trailer was then relocated to behind the Stirling Fire Station, where a large amount of preparatory work was done. New floor structures were built and installed, electrical wiring was installed, and battens for the interior walls were bolted to the existing walls of the trailer.

In late June 1994, enough funds had been raised to start the construction in earnest. Materials were purchased, wiring installed and structural components such as storage areas and access stairs were constructed by a hard working team of CFS volunteers from the Burnside Brigade.

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