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The end of History month!
Submitted On Friday, May 31, 2024
Submitted By Pip

And just like that, weve hit the end of History month!

Thank you for joining us on our wander through the history of the CFS Promotions Unit - we hope it has bought back some memories, provided information you might not have been aware of and gained some understanding (or better understanding) about what the CFS Promotions Unit has done, and does now.

The original charter of the CFS Promotions is the same now, as it was when we started almost 30 years ago:

• Promote the volunteer nature, role and size of the CFS
• Support the members of the CFS
• Educate the public on
o The operational activities of CFS members (Road Crash Rescue /
Rural Fires / Structure Fires / Hazardous Materials Spills/
Natural Disasters)
o The support roles of CFS HQ and volunteers (eg: Bushfire
Prevention & Public Safety Education)
• Encourage new recruits to join the service
• Demonstrate the commitment of CFS volunteers to serving their community
• Gain public support for the CFS volunteers and organisation

We like to think we have lived up to this charter.

Thank you all for your support - in the past, present, and into the future.

Pip & Ashes

(And thanks Steve Schueler for another great photo!)

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