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Promotions Unit joins Facebook - 2012
Submitted On Friday, May 31, 2024
Submitted By Pip

In August 2012, we joined Facebook with the

We wanted to use the page in conjunction with our website, and include information about very recent events, recruiting for individual brigades, (not just general recruiting), incidents, new appliances, stations, and any other info that might assist in Promoting the CFS, and in particular the CFS Volunteer and what they do.

We deliberately steered away from specific operational matters and warnings (such as bushfire advice messages). We didnt need to duplicate what CFS HQ already did, and with just two of us, we couldnt guarantee messaging could be sent in a timely manner.

You may have noticed we focus on what volunteers are doing at incidents, training & other activities - rather than the incident itself.

For example, if there is a structure fire, we are more interested in the firefighter in BA, or the firefighter using the pump, than the burning structure.

This photo is from a chimney fire at Aldgate in September 2020.

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