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Submitted On Thursday, May 23, 2024
Submitted By Pip

Between 2001 & 2003, the number of photos we were able to take increased dramatically.

We were able to purchase some more digital cameras and ceased using film - and that meant lots more photos!.

We used some of those photos on the Promotions Unit website - showing appliances and stations.

However, we started to have lots of photos of activities and some call outs, and limited places to display them.

In 2003, we started utilising some website space available to us (which wasnt part of the actual website) to display some of them, and hence the Promotions Unit Photo Gallery was born!

In 2004, Pip & Ashley took over the full running of the Promotions Unit website from Nick. The site had a revamp, we moved to a new internet provider which allowed us more website space and we expanded the information about CFS equipment and appliances.

The extra space on our website also allowed us to started creating photo galleries - not much different to what you see on our site now.

Because we were able to take lots of photos and present them on a website, which was easily accessed, the invitations to events increased, as did the request to use the images we had.

In a report to the VFBA (who we worked under, and who managed our CFS HQ issued budget) in 2004, we wrote the following about the achievements of the website over the previous three years:

Not only has the website evolved, the CFS Promotions Unit Website team has also provided the following services, available online:

· A picture gallery of CFS activities ranging from CFS Field Days around the state, training activities and interstate deployments.

· A members gallery for incident and activity pictures

· Part of the SA government volunteer search site, to assisting with recruitment. This is available from all Centrelink Offices.

· Many Councils link to the site to provide an up to date reference to the CFS brigades in the area

· Media representation at large interagency events, such as the ‘Operation Supreme Truth’ at the Royal Adelaide Hospital

· CFS Interstate deployment information, allowing daily pictures and updates from the fireground.

· The updating and maintenance of the new SAVFBA website.

· The supply of information and training to brigades statewide in IT and web support.

· Participation in the Women of the CFS conferences

· The organisation and planning for two large CFS photo shoot’s, at Victoria Park and the Torrens Parade ground, of which the CFS Mission statement and Calendar featured these pictures.

· Incident and Activity statistics, provided by State HQ are listed on the site.

· In October 2002, the CFS Promotions Unit won a state award for best emergency service website, in the Australian Emergency Services Volunteer Network Website Awards, as well as gaining an honorable mention from the judges.

· Assisted the Attorney Generals Department in asset identification of CFS stations.

· Instigated the Monthly newsletters from CFS HQ, now called Firefront

· Provided front cover and other pictures for the Volunteer magazine and Annual reports.

· The Unit provides to members an email distribution of documents such as the Board Outcomes, OHS&W newsletters and VFBA newsletters.

All of this the result of volunteers!!

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