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Promotions Unit helpers
Submitted On Wednesday, May 22, 2024
Submitted By Pip

We have mentioned the coordinators of the Promotions Unit in its first 6 years, however there were a large number of people who assisted in a range of roles.

Some became part of the Promotions committee, others assisted with updates and modifications to the Unit. Several brigades would attend events in the metro area every time a request was made. Some members came along to multiple events, some just one big event a year, such as the Royal Show.

We have not mentioned these individuals so far, as we did not want to miss anyone out!

Picking through our records, in 1999, the following were listed as part of the Promotions Unit committee:

Pip McGowan, Ashley Hosking, David Richardson, Nicki Harris, Paquita McDonald, David Coates, Greg Liddle, Brad Eccles, Gilbert van der Aue and Heather Alcorn.

We know that is not everyone who was part of the Promotions Unit Committee is listed here.

If you have any photos of the events you, we would love to see them too!!

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