South Australian Country Fire Service Promotions Unit

Raising awareness of the roles, training and activities of CFS Volunteers state-wide

BA & Hazmat Training, State training centre
BA & Hazmat Training, State training centre     -     Photo: CFS Promotions Unit

Welcome to the
South Australian Country Fire Service (CFS)
Promotions Unit
Wednesday, January 02, 2002

Joining the CFS

Want to Join the SA Country Fire Service ??
We have the most comprehensive recruiting information available on the internet on all South Australian fire stations.

The first step to joining your local CFS Station starts here.

Recent News

BA Course, STC - Photos (25-June-2015)
Hazmat Course, STC - photos (23-June-2015)
DFS Course, Stirling - photos (6-June-2015)
14 for Kersbrook (29-May-2015)
Bradbury to celebrate 60 years service (16-May-2015)
Station extensions for Corny Point (16-May-2015)
New 24 for Birdwood (22-April-2015)
Blackwood CFS 65th - Photos (6-April-2015)
BF-1 Course, Uraidla - Photos (6-April-2015)
34 for Edillilie (23-March-2015)
MFS Incident Statistics 2013-14 now available (13-March-2015)
24 for Rockleigh (12-March-2015)
New 24 for Mypolonga (12-March-2015)
34 for Keilira (4-March-2015)
34 for Wynarka (3-March-2015)
New 24 for Piccadilly (3-March-2015)
New 24 for Nuriootpa (2-March-2015)
20-20 cricket - Winemakers vs Comedians (13-February-2015)
Blackwood CFS 65th celebrations - March 14th (7-February-2015)
Say Thanks to our local heros - Globe Derby Park (27-January-2015)
CFS Appreciation Day (27-January-2015)
House fire Strathalbyn - photos (21-January-2015)
Sampson Flat fire - Day 7 photos (18-January-2015)
Sampson Flat fire - Days 5 & 6 photos (17-January-2015)
Sampson Flat fire - Day 4 photos (13-January-2015)
Sampson Flat fire - Day 3 photos (10-January-2015)
Sampson Flat fire - Day 2 photos (9-January-2015)
Bushfire Recovery information (8-January-2015)
Sampson Flat fire - Day 1 photos (8-January-2015)
Sampson Flat fire - Photos coming (4-January-2015)
Grass fire, Birdwood - Photos (2-January-2015)
Grass fire Springton - Photos (31-December-2014)
Grass fire, Sellicks Hill - Photos (31-December-2014)
New vehicle bay for Salt Creek (28-December-2014)
DEWNR burnoff Cleland - Photos (27-December-2014)
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year (23-December-2014)
New Station for Tatiara dry firefighting (17-December-2014)
Scrub fire, Basket Range - Photos (12-December-2014)
Grass fire, Gumeracha (12-December-2014)
Burn off, Basket Range - photos (7-December-2014)
New 24 for Hay Flat (24-November-2014)
Movie night fundraiser for Harrison Family (22-November-2014)
New 24 for Hahndorf (13-November-2014)
Welcome to our 4 newest CFS brigades (9-November-2014)
Strath Group Field Day - photos (7-November-2014)
New 14 for Hynam (7-November-2014)
Support for our fallen firefighter Andrew Harrison (6-November-2014)
New 24 for Mannum (6-November-2014)
New 34P for Gumeracha (5-November-2014)
14 for Baldina (30-October-2014)
New 14 for Port MacDonnell (30-October-2014)
Dates for rest of fire restrictions confirmed (23-October-2014)
Fire Restrictions commence in some areas (18-October-2014)
Region 2 Cadet Field Day - photos (25-September-2014)
Welcome Strath Gp Operational and support brigade (18-September-2014)
New 34P for Peterborough (17-September-2014)
New Rescue for Tailem Bend (17-September-2014)
Burnside CFS Celebrates 80 years (3-September-2014)
New 34P for Compton (2-September-2014)
CFS Promotions Unit 20 year Anniversary (2-September-2014)
BA Course, Brukunga 27th July - photos (1-September-2014)
Compartment fire behaviour course - photos (20-August-2014)
BA Course, Brukunga 26th July - photos (16-August-2014)
Call out stats for 2013-14 now available (8-August-2014)
34 for Mount Wedge (6-August-2014)
New 14 for Macclesfield (27-June-2014)
New 14 for Elliston (27-June-2014)
New 14 for Coffin Bay (25-June-2014)
New 14 for Greenhill (24-June-2014)
New 14 for Paringa (23-June-2014)
New 14 for Langhorne Creek (20-June-2014)
New 14 for Bridgewater (19-June-2014)
New 14 for Hermitage (19-June-2014)
New 14 for Myponga (11-June-2014)
Gumeracha Group Challenge - photos (23-May-2014)
New 34 for Meadows (20-May-2014)
New 34 for Eden Hills (16-May-2014)
New 34 for Willunga (9-May-2014)
34 for Willalooka (8-May-2014)
New 34P for Hynam (1-May-2014)
New 34 for Yacka (17-April-2014)
RCR demo, Mt Pleasant show - photos (15-April-2014)
New 34 for One Tree Hill (2-April-2014)
New 34 for Woodchester (28-March-2014)
Bushfire photo competition (25-March-2014)
New 34 for Alma (13-March-2014)
New Rescue for Waikerie (9-March-2014)
Welcome Challenger CFS (8-March-2014)
Statistics for MFS - 2012-13 (5-March-2014)
New 34 for Lucindale (28-February-2014)
New 34 for Jervois (28-February-2014)
New 34 for Salt Creek (19-February-2014)
Ash Wednesday Commemoration (16-February-2014)
New BW13 for Eastern Eyre Group (11-February-2014)
New 34 for Bangham (11-February-2014)
New BW13 for Flinders Group (6-February-2014)
Fire Eden Valley - photos (2-February-2014)
Did you take photos? Send them to us! (21-January-2014)
Video of CFS at the Royal Adelaide Show - 1999 (12-January-2014)
New 44 for Cooke Plains (10-January-2014)
CFS Promotions Unit video (7-January-2014)
Grass fire, Uraidla - Photos (7-January-2014)
Burn offs, Basket Range - photos (4-January-2014)
Mawson Group Field Day - Photos (26-December-2013)
34 for Mount McIntrye (23-December-2013)
Seasons Greetings (23-December-2013)
Scrub fire, Aldgate - Photos (11-December-2013)
Farewell Ki Ki (11-December-2013)
School road safety program, Willunga - photos (4-December-2013)
Fire Restrictions commence in remaining areas (30-November-2013)
Grass and mulch fire, Basket Range - Photos (30-November-2013)
BF-1 Uraidla - Photos (30-November-2013)
Fire Restrictions commence - Lower South East (24-November-2013)
NSW Deployment - more photos (18-November-2013)
Further Fire Restrictions commence (15-November-2013)
Light Group Field Day - Photos (15-November-2013)
New Pumper for Naracoorte (10-November-2013)
Strath Group Field Day - Photos (10-November-2013)
Fire Restrictions commence in some areas (8-November-2013)
New BW9 pod for Strath Group (8-November-2013)
NSW deployment - photos (31-October-2013)
CFS Promotions Unit History - new Facebook page (13-October-2013)
34 for Narridy (11-October-2013)
34 for Comaum (27-September-2013)
34 for Georgetown (19-September-2013)
34 for Peake (12-September-2013)
Crash and fire, Forreston - photos (4-September-2013)
Update your brigade details (1-September-2013)
Statistics for MFS - 2011-12 (19-August-2013)
Region 3 Field Day - photos (18-August-2013)
Five QRVs for Region 4 (13-August-2013)
Incident Stats 2012-13, now available (13-August-2013)
New 14 for Summertown (6-August-2013)
Medal presentation - Region 1 (29-July-2013)
Official Station opening - Eden HIlls (29-July-2013)
Road crash, Kangarilla - photos (22-July-2013)
House fire, Summertown - photos (22-July-2013)
Update your brigade information ! (8-July-2013)
24 for Haines (28-June-2013)
24 for Western Districts (28-June-2013)
New Region 2 ICV (23-June-2013)
New 34 for Spalding (18-June-2013)
New Station for Palmer (13-June-2013)
Scrub fire, Cherryville - Photos (11-June-2013)
Scrub fire Cox Conservation Park - Photos (9-June-2013)
Grass fire, Kangarilla - photos (3-June-2013)
Road crash, Lenswood - Photos (3-June-2013)
New 34 for Blackfellows Creek (31-May-2013)
New Station for Mount Torrens (26-May-2013)
New Lyndoch Station Officially opened (26-May-2013)
New 34 for Ceduna (23-May-2013)
New 34 for Stewarts Range (22-May-2013)
New BW9 for Caralue Group (22-May-2013)
Grass fire, Rockleigh - photos (17-May-2013)
Tree down, Scott Creek - photos (16-May-2013)
New 34 for Sedan (14-May-2013)
New 34 for Port Clinton (14-May-2013)
Grass fire, Flaxley - photos (5-May-2013)
New 34 for Wudinna (2-May-2013)
New 34 for Rendelsham (2-May-2013)
SACFS Volunteer Portal (1-May-2013)
New 34 for Clayton (24-April-2013)
New 34 for Lameroo (24-April-2013)
New QRV for Roxby (22-April-2013)
New 34 for Laffer (22-April-2013)
New 34 for Bridgewater (20-April-2013)
Grass Fire at Harrogate - Photos (19-April-2013)
New 34 for Balgowan (18-April-2013)
New 34 for Blyth (18-April-2013)
Photos are coming ! (17-April-2013)
Hose training, Basket Range - photos (16-April-2013)
New 34 for Wandilo (15-April-2013)
New 34 for Hawker (9-April-2013)
New 34 for Blewitt Springs (5-April-2013)
New 34 for Aldinga Beach (4-April-2013)
New 34 for Coonawarra (27-March-2013)
New 34 for Greenhill (27-March-2013)
New 34 for Myponga (25-March-2013)
New 34 for Currency Creek (20-March-2013)
New 34 for Maitland (14-March-2013)
New BW13 for Spencer Group (28-February-2013)
24 for Cadell (27-February-2013)
New BW13 for Mount Remarkable Group (21-February-2013)
Grass fire, Curramulka - photos (21-February-2013)
Welcome East Torrens CFS Group Operations (9-February-2013)
24 for One Tree Hill (9-February-2013)
Grass fire, Inglewood - photos (9-February-2013)
New 24 for Stirling (29-January-2013)
Tree down, Basket Range - photos (27-January-2013)
34 for Furner (24-January-2013)
Shed fire, Marble Hill - photos (20-January-2013)
Ash Wednesday service - Mount Lofty (16-January-2013)
Ash Wednesday commemoration - Furner (16-January-2013)
Grass and pine forest fire, Basket Range - photos (14-January-2013)
Heaped pine burn off, Marble Hill - photos (10-January-2013)
Compartment Firefighting course - photos (9-January-2013)
RCR Course, STC - photos (8-January-2013)
Mt Lofty Tower brigade - new members wanted (21-December-2012)
Prescribed burn, Mark Oliphant Park - Photos (20-December-2012)
Season Greetings (20-December-2012)
New 14 for Cowell (20-December-2012)
Gumeracha Group challenge - photos (19-December-2012)
Tulka fire - photos (19-December-2012)
BA Course, Brukunga - photos now available (14-December-2012)
Hazmat Course, Brukunga - photos (11-December-2012)
Burn off, Basket Range - photos (10-December-2012)
Coomunga fires - photos now available (2-December-2012)
Your photos wanted (22-November-2012)
34 for Thornlea (22-November-2012)
24 for Caltowie (9-November-2012)
Hotpad training - STC Brukunga - photos (8-November-2012)
Mt Lofty Tower brigade - new members wanted (6-November-2012)
New 34 for Port Victoria (30-October-2012)
Appliances for Region 6 (30-October-2012)
Replacement appliances for Kangaroo Island (24-October-2012)
34 for Wolseley (20-October-2012)
New 34P for Yorketown (17-October-2012)
Strath Group Field Day - Photos now availabe (16-October-2012)
School Road safety, Birdwood - Photos (9-October-2012)
House fire, Balaklava - Photos (4-October-2012)
Region 2 Field Day - Photos now available (30-September-2012)
BA Course, Jamestown - Photos (24-September-2012)
New 34P for Port Vincent (24-September-2012)
New 34P for Streaky Bay (10-September-2012)
BA Course, Ardrossan - photos (8-September-2012)
New 34P for Strathalbyn (4-September-2012)
New 34 for Coromandel Valley (1-September-2012)
New 34P for Athelstone (30-August-2012)
BA Course, Brukunga - photos now available (28-August-2012)
Update your brigade information (28-August-2012)
New 34 for Cherry Gardens (28-August-2012)
New 14 for Middleton (14-August-2012)
RCR exercise, Mount Pleasant - photos (11-August-2012)
2011 - 2012 Incident Statistics now available (10-August-2012)
We are now on Facebook! (10-August-2012)
New 14 for Range / Hope Forest (9-August-2012)
New 34 for Kapunda (7-August-2012)
BF1, Greenhill - photos available (1-August-2012)
New 34 for Clare (30-July-2012)
New 34 for Concordia (25-July-2012)
New 34 for Morphett Vale (24-July-2012)
Plantation firefighting course Mt Crawford photos (22-July-2012)
Shopping centre fire Mount Barker - photos (15-July-2012)
House fire, Oakbank - Photos now available (11-July-2012)
New 34 for Waitpinga (2-July-2012)
RCR Exercise, Mount Barker - Photos available (27-June-2012)
New 14 for Rhynie (27-June-2012)
MFS Call statistics now available (8-June-2012)
New 34 for Crystal Brook (31-May-2012)
New 34 for Macclesfield (31-May-2012)
New 34 for Paskeville (11-May-2012)
Official Station opening - Tuckey (1-May-2012)
New 34 for Hindmarsh Valley (1-May-2012)
Fire Restrictions end statewide (1-May-2012)
Official Station opening - Rudall (1-May-2012)
Official Station opening - Wharminda (1-May-2012)
New 34 for Kimba (19-April-2012)
CFS Appliance History now available (3-April-2012)
New QRV for Snowtown (30-March-2012)
Official Station opening - Wirrulla (25-March-2012)
Official Station opening - Mount Wedge (25-March-2012)
New 34 for Lochiel (19-March-2012)
Scrub and shed fire, Carey Gully - photos (19-March-2012)
New QRV for Middleton (15-March-2012)
New QRV for Carey Gully (15-March-2012)
New 34P for Riverton (5-March-2012)
New Bulk Water Carrier for Bundaleer Group (1-March-2012)
New 34 for Hoyleton (1-March-2012)
New 34 for Kybybolite (23-February-2012)
New Bulk Water Carrier for Tumby Group (23-February-2012)
New 34 for Reedy Creek (22-February-2012)
New 34 for Waikerie (21-February-2012)
New 34 for Tilley Swamp (20-February-2012)
New Rescue appliance for Yankalilla (16-February-2012)
Welcome Rockleigh (4-February-2012)
Annual CFS Memorial Service - Feb 16th (25-January-2012)
Strike team, Moomba - photos available (14-January-2012)
Woolundunga fire - photos available (14-January-2012)
Woolundunga Fire, Wilmington - photos (8-January-2012)
BF-1 Course Greenhill - Photos (6-January-2012)
Fire, Cherryville - photos now available (3-January-2012)
Grass fire, Balhannah - photos now available (3-January-2012)
New 14 for Birdwood (23-December-2011)
New Pumper for Morphett Vale (23-December-2011)
Seasons Greetings (23-December-2011)
Region 3 Comand car replacement complete (23-December-2011)
New 34P for Blackwood (23-December-2011)
New 34P for Tarlee (13-December-2011)
New 34 for Hindmarsh Valley (9-December-2011)
New 34 for Biscuit Flat (7-December-2011)
New 34P for Seaford (6-December-2011)
New 34P for Aldinga Beach (2-December-2011)
New 34P for Roxby Downs (2-December-2011)
Further districts start fire restrictions (1-December-2011)
New 34 for Milang (30-November-2011)
More command cars in Region 3 (30-November-2011)
New 34 for Lower Inman Valley (30-November-2011)
New station for Kybybolite (26-November-2011)
New 34 for Rapid Bay (23-November-2011)
New 34P for Tantanoola (23-November-2011)
New 34 for Southend (22-November-2011)
New Station and new name for Binnum (19-November-2011)
Fire danger season starts in five more districts (15-November-2011)
New command cars in Region 3 (15-November-2011)
New 34 for Frances (15-November-2011)
New 34 for Waitpinga (15-November-2011)
Road safety program, Willunga - Photos (10-November-2011)
New 34P for Port MacDonnell (9-November-2011)
Lofty CFS Group Hot Pad training day (6-November-2011)
Region1 Cadet camp - photos (4-November-2011)
Fire Danger Season starts in 4 districts (1-November-2011)
New 34P for Morgan (31-October-2011)
New 34 for Mount Compass (30-October-2011)
New 34P for Monash (30-October-2011)
New station for Karkoo (27-October-2011)
New Station opened - Buckleboo (27-October-2011)
New station for Sceale Bay (27-October-2011)
New 34 for Weetulta (27-October-2011)
New station for Mount Hope (27-October-2011)
New station - Cockaleechie (27-October-2011)
New 34 for Yongala (27-October-2011)
New Command Cars (27-October-2011)
New 34P for Kingston (27-October-2011)
CFS deployment to NT - photos (16-October-2011)
Fire Danger Season starts in some areas (16-October-2011)
House fire, Summertown - Photos (6-October-2011)
New Command Cars in Region 6 (6-October-2011)
Incident Statistics now available (1-October-2011)
New Command Cars (25-September-2011)
Training courses, Brukunga - photos (25-September-2011)
New command cars in South East (5-September-2011)
34 for Avenue Range (5-September-2011)
Region 3 Field day - photos (21-August-2011)
Victor Harbor Cadets car wash - 20th August (18-August-2011)
CFS Foundation ElectraNet Fellowship (18-August-2011)
House fire, Stirling - Photos (4-August-2011)
New website for Naracoorte CFS (29-July-2011)
Update your details! (29-July-2011)
SES Information now available (29-July-2011)
House fire, Longwood - photos (15-July-2011)
National Disaster Rescue Competition- Photos (11-July-2011)
House fire, Forreston - photos (2-July-2011)
CFS at the Royal Adelaide Show (30-June-2011)
School visit, Scott Creek - Photos (25-June-2011)
Official opening of Hamley Bridge Station (21-June-2011)
Chimney fire, Heathfield - photos (14-June-2011)
Eden Hills celebrates 60 years (13-May-2011)
Have you got some News? (9-May-2011)
Exercise, Paracombe - photos now available (9-April-2011)
Fire Restrictions end across the state (31-March-2011)
BF-1 course, Bridgewater - photos (24-March-2011)
Athelstone CFS - historical information wanted (8-March-2011)
24 for Monbulla (11-February-2011)
New BW13 for Ridley Group (3-February-2011)
New BW13 for Southern Yorke Group (25-January-2011)
New BW13 for Wakefield Plains (24-January-2011)
New BW13 for Barossa Group (24-January-2011)
New BW13 for Wattle Range Group (24-January-2011)
New BW13 for Onka Group (12-January-2011)
New BW13 for Victor Group (12-January-2011)
Shed fire and Hazmat, Kenton Valley - Photos (9-January-2011)
CFS Aerial firefighting media day - Photos (6-January-2011)
New Bulk water carrier for Hallett Group (5-January-2011)
14 for Hamley Bridge (5-January-2011)
34 for Lyrup (5-January-2011)
Google Maps now available (29-December-2010)
Merry Christmas (23-December-2010)
House fire Aldgate - Photos (18-December-2010)
34 for Halidon (15-December-2010)
MFS call out statistics now available (14-December-2010)
New QRV for Wudinna (1-December-2010)
Fire Restrictions - now statewide (1-December-2010)
New QRV for Birdwood (25-November-2010)
Fire Restrictions - Lower South East (21-November-2010)
New 34 for Truro (19-November-2010)
New QRV for Furner (17-November-2010)
24 for Ettrick (17-November-2010)
Fire Restrictions start in further areas (16-November-2010)
Hazmat Port Augusta - Photos (12-November-2010)
New 34 for Maitland (12-November-2010)
New QRV for Tanunda (11-November-2010)
New QRV for Port Broughton (11-November-2010)
IMT Exercise Angaston - Photos (11-November-2010)
Grass fire, Balhannah - Photos (10-November-2010)
New command car for Strath Group (6-November-2010)
New QRV for Roxby Downs (5-November-2010)
Fire Restrictions start in some areas (3-November-2010)
New 34 for Mundulla (3-November-2010)
24 for Marrabel (1-November-2010)
House fire exercise, Verdun - photos (29-October-2010)
34 for Marion Bay (28-October-2010)
Welcome Ernabella (Pukatja) (21-October-2010)
Port MacDonnell & District Group name change (21-October-2010)
Angaston Group name change (21-October-2010)
New 34 for Port Elliot (12-October-2010)
34 for Curramulka (12-October-2010)
34 for Yundi (12-October-2010)
34 for Coffin Bay (2-October-2010)
34 for Geranium (2-October-2010)
Region 2 Field Day - photos (27-September-2010)
Road safety program, Birdwood - photos (27-September-2010)
34 for Kongorong (20-September-2010)
Activity Stats 2009-10 now available (19-September-2010)
Incident Stats 2009-10 now available (11-September-2010)
Name change for Salt Creek - Region 6 (10-September-2010)
Region 2 Field Day - 12th September (10-September-2010)
New 34 for Gladstone (9-September-2010)
24P for Murray Bridge (13-August-2010)
34 for Mount Hope (2-August-2010)
Shed fire, Upper Sturt - Photos (30-July-2010)
New QRV for Tumby Bay (30-July-2010)
Update your brigade details (29-July-2010)
BF-1 Millicent - Photos (23-July-2010)
34 for Port Neill (22-July-2010)
Compartment firefighting course - Photos (14-July-2010)
New 34 for Cherry Gardens (10-July-2010)
New 34 for Eudunda (2-July-2010)
House fire, Balhannah - Photos (2-July-2010)
New 34 for Forreston (23-June-2010)
New 34 for Langhorne Creek (23-June-2010)
34 for American River (23-June-2010)
34 for Wisanger (23-June-2010)
New 34P for Monarto (18-June-2010)
34 for Owen (17-June-2010)
New 34 for Glossop (17-June-2010)
New 34 for Lower Inman Valley (16-June-2010)
New 34 for Blanchetown (9-June-2010)
Promotions Unit welcomes new member (7-June-2010)
BF-1 Course, State Training Centre - Photos (29-May-2010)
SAEFS & SACFS Reunion (28-May-2010)
Compartment firefighting course - Photos (27-May-2010)
New 34 for Auburn (26-May-2010)
History of One Tree Hill CFS publication (25-May-2010)
Gumeracha Group hot pad training - photos (25-May-2010)
New 34 for Bordertown (25-May-2010)
New 34 for Paracombe (20-May-2010)
Scrub fire, Basket Range - Photos (19-May-2010)
Scrub fire, Carey Gully - photos (19-May-2010)
34 for Beachport (13-May-2010)
34 for Hynam (13-May-2010)
Rock n Roll dance for Strath CFS (13-May-2010)
New 34P for Tailem Bend (13-May-2010)
34 for Maaoupe (13-May-2010)
New 34 for Range / Hope Forest (7-May-2010)
New 34 for Keith (7-May-2010)
New 34 for Wilmington (4-May-2010)
Hermitage CFS Open Day (28-April-2010)
New 34 for Ardrossan (28-April-2010)
34 for Minlaton (24-April-2010)
New 34P for Piccadilly (15-April-2010)
New 34 for Cleve (14-April-2010)
Dublin 34P commissioning and medal presentation (14-April-2010)
Fire Restrictions end in some areas (14-April-2010)
Air Attack - Fighting Fires in SA (6-April-2010)
Hazard reduction burn Cleland - photos (2-April-2010)
One Tree Hill CFS 50th anniversary (1-April-2010)
New QRV for Upper Sturt (30-March-2010)
New 34P for Millicent (25-March-2010)
34 for Booborowie (25-March-2010)
34 for Brinkworth (25-March-2010)
New 34P for Naracoorte (22-March-2010)
Grass fire, Carey Gully - photos (9-March-2010)
New 34P for Quorn (3-March-2010)
Grass fire, Monarto - photos (25-February-2010)
New 34P for Roseworthy (9-February-2010)
East Torrens Strike Team, Delamere - photos (7-February-2010)
Ash Wednesday Memorial Service - Feb 16th (6-February-2010)
Rescue, Paracombe - Photos (27-January-2010)
Grass fire, Mt Pleasant - photos (21-January-2010)
BW7 for Wattle Range Group (14-January-2010)
BF-1 Course, Greenhill - Photos (12-January-2010)
Scrub fire, Blewitt Springs - Photos (10-January-2010)
Grass Fire at Tungkillo - photos (6-January-2010)
BF-1 Course, State Training Centre - Photos (31-December-2009)
Iron Knob web page (31-December-2009)
Hazard reduction burns - Basket Range - photos (31-December-2009)
Blackwood Christmas Pageant - Photos (26-December-2009)
Grass and Scrub fire, Cherry Gardens - photos (26-December-2009)
Burn off, Morialta - photos (26-December-2009)
New 34P for Stirling North (26-December-2009)
Seasons Greetings (25-December-2009)
New 34P for Strathalbyn (23-December-2009)
New 34P for Salisbury (23-December-2009)
New 34P for North Shields (22-December-2009)
New 34 for Wilmington (22-December-2009)
New 14 CAFS appliance for Eden Hills (22-December-2009)
24 for Narrung (22-December-2009)
New 14 for Booleroo Centre (22-December-2009)
New 34P for Summertown (16-December-2009)
Road crash, Woodside - photos (12-December-2009)
New 34P for Happy Valley (11-December-2009)
Commercial fire, Mt Barker - photos (6-December-2009)
Grass fire, Meadows - photos (6-December-2009)
New 34 for Andamooka (2-December-2009)
Macclesfield CFS celebrates 70 years (23-November-2009)
BA Course, STC Brukunga - photos (22-November-2009)
New Website for East Torrens Group (14-November-2009)
Lyndoch CFS community demonstration (13-November-2009)
Burnside CFS Open Day (13-November-2009)
New Website for Milang (13-November-2009)
Replacement appliances for KI Group (13-November-2009)
New Bulk Water Carrier for Spencer Group (13-November-2009)
RCR Course, Brukunga - Photos (10-November-2009)
24P for Cowell (10-November-2009)
Fire Restrictions commence (30-October-2009)
Light CFS Group gas prop exercise - Photos (25-October-2009)
School road safety program, Willunga - Photos (23-October-2009)
New 34 for Glencoe (23-October-2009)
New 34 for Ironbank (21-October-2009)
South East CFSVA Fire Expo (17-October-2009)
Burn off - Kenneth Stirling Park - photos (16-October-2009)
Burn off, Mt George - photos (16-October-2009)
New Website for Aldgate CFS (11-October-2009)
New 34 for Kadina (7-October-2009)
Parafield Airport exercise- Photos (6-October-2009)
Angaston CFS Open Day (3-October-2009)
New 34 for Coonalpyn (3-October-2009)
New 34 for Swan Reach (1-October-2009)
New 34P for Wirrulla (1-October-2009)
New 34 for Balaklava (29-September-2009)
Iron Knob CFS on Twitter (27-September-2009)
Find out what is new on the site using Twitter (27-September-2009)
CFS at Royal Show - Photos (26-September-2009)
RCR Exercise Burnside - Photos (26-September-2009)
New 34 for Tumby Bay (25-September-2009)
New 34 for Mallala (25-September-2009)
New photo guide - Getting Started (22-September-2009)
Dalkeith CFS bushfire garden & Open Day (22-September-2009)
New 34 for Callington (22-September-2009)
New 34 for Goolwa (22-September-2009)
New 34 for Tarpeena (21-September-2009)
New 34 for Mount Bryan (16-September-2009)
New 34 for Lobethal (16-September-2009)
New 34 for Williamstown (12-September-2009)
New 34 for Springton (9-September-2009)
New 34 for Eden Valley (9-September-2009)
New 34 for Sheaoak Log (8-September-2009)
Incident & Activity statistics for 2008-09 (2-September-2009)
Coorong Group Field Day - Photos (28-August-2009)
Elliston Group Field Day - Photos (24-August-2009)
New BW9 for Yorke Valley Group (21-August-2009)
BA Reaccred course, Lyndoch 1st August - Photos (5-August-2009)
Courses at STC 20th June 2009 - Photos (5-August-2009)
Launch of Looking Back - history of CFS (4-August-2009)
New Bulk Water Carrier for Coorong Group (31-July-2009)
New 34 appliance for Willunga (24-July-2009)
Information updates wanted (13-July-2009)
Meadows CFS Celebrate 65 years (13-July-2009)
Website Update notifications (13-July-2009)
Western Eyre CFS Group field day (11-July-2009)
Caralue Group Field Day - photos (3-July-2009)
CFS Heritage Committee Website (13-June-2009)
BA Reacred - Jamestown - Photos (13-June-2009)
New 34P for Lyndoch (13-June-2009)
BF-1 Course, State Training Centre 24-5-09 photos (1-June-2009)
New 34P for Dublin (28-May-2009)
Balaklava High School Road Safety program photos (26-May-2009)
Gumeracha Group hot pad training - photos (26-May-2009)
New 34 for Parndana (11-May-2009)
New 34 for Coomandook (11-May-2009)
New 34P for Port Wakefield (11-May-2009)
New 34P for Two Wells (21-April-2009)
New Pumper for Burnside (21-April-2009)
New 34 for Mil Lel (17-April-2009)
Scrub fire, Engelbrook Reserve - Photos (4-April-2009)
New Website for Strathalbyn CFS (31-March-2009)
New Command Cars (24-March-2009)
New 34P for Cummins (24-March-2009)
Grass fire, Kangarilla - photos (15-March-2009)
National Day of Mourning (20-February-2009)
New 34 for Orroroo (18-February-2009)
New 34 for Booleroo Centre (18-February-2009)
CFS Deployment to the Victorian Fires 2009 (17-February-2009)
New 34 for Woodside (14-February-2009)
New 34 for Brukunga (14-February-2009)
Shed fire Woodside - Photos (13-February-2009)
Grass and scrub fire, Gawler River - Photos (13-February-2009)
Grass fire, Balhannah - Photos (13-February-2009)
Ash Wednesday Memorial Service (8-February-2009)
Grass fire Nairne 2/2/09 - Photos (8-February-2009)
New 34 for Rapid Bay (5-February-2009)
New 34 for Laura (5-February-2009)
Grass fire - Gumeracha 27th Jan - Photos (5-February-2009)
New Logistics vehicle for East Torrens Group (30-January-2009)
New 34 for Cudlee Creek (30-January-2009)
New Command car for Coorong Group (30-January-2009)
Grass fire Nairne - photos (26-January-2009)
Bridgewater Grass and Scrub Fire (25-January-2009)
New Pastoral BW7 (24-January-2009)
New 34 for Warooka (24-January-2009)
Meningie 34P Commissioning (20-January-2009)
Fire, Bridgewater - photos now available (19-January-2009)
Send us your photos! (15-January-2009)
New 34 for Angaston (15-January-2009)
Anchor Foods donates computers to Angaston CFS (14-January-2009)
Media Launch, CFS Aerial support - photos (23-December-2008)
Seasons Greetings (21-December-2008)
New 34P for Mt Barker (17-December-2008)
New 34 for Hermitage (17-December-2008)
New 34 for Oakbank - Balhannah (16-December-2008)
New appliances for Greenock & Gawler River (13-December-2008)
Photos - Grass fire Leawood Gardens (27-November-2008)
Stirling CFS Celebrates 60 years (19-November-2008)
Welcome Nepabunna CFS (16-November-2008)
New Tanker pack - Angaston Group (13-November-2008)
Angaston CFS Group IMT Facility Launch (13-November-2008)
Port Wakefield Celebrates 60 years (12-November-2008)
Hazmat, Oakbank - Photos (12-November-2008)
New 34 for Snowtown (12-November-2008)
Bulk Water Carrier for Hallett Group (9-November-2008)
New 34 for Burra (6-November-2008)
34 for Bute (6-November-2008)
New 34 for Gumeracha (4-November-2008)
Region 2 Field Day Photos (1-November-2008)
New Look CFS Website (31-October-2008)
Onka Group Road Crash Exercise - Photos (28-October-2008)
BA Course Brukunga 11-10-08 - Photos (25-October-2008)
Road Safety Program, Willunga - photos available (20-October-2008)
New 16 for Pinnaroo (20-October-2008)
New 34 for Mintaro (11-October-2008)
House fire, Mt Barker - photos (3-October-2008)
Road Safety Program - Birdwood - photos available (28-September-2008)
Scrub fire, Mylor - photos now available (24-September-2008)
New 34 for Penola (21-September-2008)
CFS 2007-08 Incident statistics now available (20-September-2008)
Milang CFS Celebrates 60 years (10-September-2008)
CFS Heritage Day - October 26th (8-September-2008)
AGM Changes - Updates wanted (31-August-2008)
Region 2 BA Reaccred, Ardrossan - photos (13-August-2008)
Region 3 Field Day Photos (11-August-2008)
Freeling CFS Appliance commissioning (7-August-2008)
Region 2 Field Day - October 26th (7-August-2008)
Murray Bridge 14 arrives (1-August-2008)
Lobethal CFS celebrates 80 years service (31-July-2008)
BA Course 13-7-08 - photos now available (21-July-2008)
CFS Heritage Display, Naracoorte (10-July-2008)
2008 Royal Adelaide Show (10-July-2008)
Promotions Unit Behaviour Guide now available (6-July-2008)
BA Reaccred Course 29-6-08 - Photos (4-July-2008)
Region 3 Field Day - Morgan (3-July-2008)
HAZMAT Training Day at Burnside (27-June-2008)
Morphett Vale Big Day Out Photos (9-June-2008)
New QAV for Auburn (1-June-2008)
No web updates for the next two weeks (18-May-2008)
Norton Summit / Ashton CFS Celebrates 50 years (14-May-2008)
34 for Tuckey (9-May-2008)
New QAV for Port MacDonnell (3-May-2008)
New QAV for Keyneton (3-May-2008)
Fire Restrictions Extended - Kangaroo Island (23-April-2008)
New QAV for Barmera (23-April-2008)
Kadina CFS Relay for Life (21-April-2008)
James Blundell concert for Angaston Group (21-April-2008)
New QAV for Watervale (19-April-2008)
New QAV for Freeling (19-April-2008)
Fire Restrictions end in some areas (15-April-2008)
New website for Macclesfield CFS (13-April-2008)
New QAV for Paracombe (10-April-2008)
New QAV for Bute (10-April-2008)
Updated brigade incident statistics (26-March-2008)
New 34 for Yeelanna (21-March-2008)
Website update mail out starts (21-March-2008)
Morphett Vale CFS Big Day Out (18-March-2008)
New 24 for Bow Hill (14-March-2008)
New website for Barossa Group (8-March-2008)
Ash Wednesday Commemoration Service - Tarpeena (9-February-2008)
Ash Wednesday Commemoration Service (1-February-2008)
Port Elliot Celebrates 50 years (28-January-2008)
New Bulk Water Carrier for Mount Gambier (19-January-2008)
New Bulk Water Carrier for Macclesfield (18-January-2008)
Montacute CFS Celebrates 65 years (9-January-2008)
Seasons Greetings (23-December-2007)
New 34P for Woomera (21-December-2007)
Kangaroo Island Fires (14-December-2007)
Have you got your camera? (7-December-2007)
New 34P for Meningie (6-November-2007)
New 34P for Dalkeith CFS (6-November-2007)
Summertown CFS turns 50 (6-November-2007)
New 34P for Oakbank - Balhannah (4-November-2007)
National Fire Engine Run - April 27th 2008 (19-October-2007)
Naracoorte Group Field Day - Photos (18-October-2007)
New 34P for Lincoln (18-October-2007)
Morialta Fire - Photos (17-October-2007)
Fire Restictions Commence in most areas (15-October-2007)
Opening of water wise training area - Strathalbyn (17-September-2007)
2006 - 2007 Incident and Activity Statistics (14-September-2007)
CFS State Competitions 7th October 2007 (14-September-2007)
Exercise Emu - Photos (5-September-2007)
Name change for our Volunteer Association (1-September-2007)
New name for Ceduna Group (21-August-2007)
Official Opening Roseworthy CFS Station (21-August-2007)
Royal Adelaide Show September 2007 (21-August-2007)
AGM Changes (3-August-2007)
Ardrossan CFS Celebrates 60 years (2-August-2007)
Pt Elliots 50th (24-July-2007)
Official Opening of Clare Station (17-July-2007)
CFS Competitions - October 7th (16-July-2007)
New 34 for Moorak (8-July-2007)
New 34 for Echunga (6-July-2007)
New 34 appliances (4-July-2007)
New Tea Tree Gully 34P (4-July-2007)
New 34 for Taplan (23-June-2007)
Mawson Group Equipment Night - 18th June (11-June-2007)
Jervois receives new 34 (25-May-2007)
New 34 for Mallala (25-May-2007)
Meningie Emergency Services Volunteer Week (16-May-2007)
Paringa receives new 34 (3-May-2007)
34 for Yahl (2-May-2007)
Official Opening of Jamestown Station (25-April-2007)
Changes to Fire Danger Season (23-April-2007)
Jamestown receives new 34P (23-April-2007)
New 34P for Ceduna (22-April-2007)
Happy Valley CFS Open Day & Commissioning (14-April-2007)
Forty Five Flaming years - Book Launch (14-April-2007)
Exercise Easter Brake - Photos (5-April-2007)
Exercise Easter Brake - April 4th (28-March-2007)
Bridgewater Fire - Photo Gallery (24-March-2007)
South East VFBA Annual Seminar (22-March-2007)
New 34 for Freeling CFS (19-March-2007)
New 34 for Yankalilla (19-March-2007)
Volunteer Magazine (13-March-2007)
New 34 for Kersbrook & Woolsheds / Wasleys (23-February-2007)
New 34 for Browns Well (9-February-2007)
New 34 for Inman Valley (31-January-2007)
We`re Not Heroes (10-January-2007)
Ash Wednesday Memorial Service - Feb 16th 2007 (8-January-2007)
New 34 for McLaren Vale (22-December-2006)
Happy Christmas (20-December-2006)
New photo galleries (20-December-2006)
New 14 for Quorn (19-December-2006)
New 14 for Tea Tree Gully (12-December-2006)
New website for Athelstone (6-December-2006)
Woodside CFS Open day (3-November-2006)
Victor 14 arrives (1-November-2006)
34 for Salt Creek (1-November-2006)
Updates to information (21-October-2006)
Murray Bridge CFS Celebrates (21-October-2006)
New 34 for Wunkar (17-October-2006)
Region 2 Field Day Photos - now available (14-October-2006)
RCR demo - Mt Barker - photos now available (7-October-2006)
Fire Danger Season commences statewide Oct 15th (4-October-2006)
September Volunteer Magazine now available (4-October-2006)
First appliance for Tuckey (29-September-2006)
Mount Damper receives new appliance (29-September-2006)
New Poochera 34 (29-September-2006)
Light Group Field Day photographs (28-September-2006)
CFS State Competions (13-September-2006)
CFS "15 minutes of flame" at the Royal Show (31-August-2006)
Photos from Region 3 Field Day now available (18-August-2006)
New 34 for Lock (17-August-2006)
Presentations at Balaklava CFS (15-August-2006)
Activity Statistics for 2005-06 now available (15-August-2006)
New 34 for Elliston (15-August-2006)
New 34 for Maitland (15-August-2006)
New Bulk Water Carrier for Kangaroo Island (15-August-2006)
New 34 for Bordertown (12-August-2006)
Incident Statistics (12-August-2006)
Region 3 Field Day photos (6-August-2006)
Region 3 Field Day (31-July-2006)
New Station for Melrose (31-July-2006)
Bulk Water Carrier for Chaffey Group (31-July-2006)
New appliance for Mangalo (31-July-2006)
New appliance for Rudall (31-July-2006)
2006 Australasian Road Crash Comps - Results (24-July-2006)
2006 Australasian Road Crash Symposium (22-June-2006)
New 24 for Virginia (21-June-2006)
New 34 for Melrose (21-June-2006)
CFS in Google Earth (12-June-2006)
Submissions for Volunteer Magazine (9-June-2006)
CFS in the 2006 Convoy for Kids (8-June-2006)
Lobethal 24P commissioning (2-June-2006)
Exercise Edge Photo Gallery (31-May-2006)
Exercise Edge (30-May-2006)
Jamestown CFS moves into new Station (29-May-2006)
New 34 for Ashbourne (29-May-2006)
Latest CFS Volunteer Magazine now out (5-May-2006)
Invitation to opening of new Strathalbyn Station (2-May-2006)
Fire Restrictions end in all areas (1-May-2006)
New web address for Mylor CFS (30-April-2006)
New 24P for Littlehampton (30-April-2006)
New 34 for Glossop (30-April-2006)
Photos available for the Operation Easter Brake (17-April-2006)
RCR Challenge - Day 2 photos now available (16-April-2006)
RCR Challenge Day 1 - photos available (13-April-2006)
Operation Easter Brake - photos coming (11-April-2006)
Official opening of extensions - Jervois Station (10-April-2006)
New 34 for Ardrossan (10-April-2006)
New appliance for Brentwood (10-April-2006)
New 14 appliance for Warooka (10-April-2006)
Adelaide Road Crash Rescue Competitions - Results (9-April-2006)
Updated website for Littlehampton CFS (1-April-2006)
State RCR Challenge (1-April-2006)
New 34 for Roseworthy (27-March-2006)
New 34 for Argyle & Coonawarra (24-March-2006)
New 34 for Port Clinton (23-March-2006)
New 34 for Strathalbyn (23-March-2006)
Blanchetown & Stirling Norths new appliances (19-March-2006)
Greenhill receives new 34 appliance (13-March-2006)
New Pumper for Hahndorf (4-March-2006)
New Rescue appliance for Aldinga Beach (1-March-2006)
State RCR Challenge 2006 - Volunteers needed (13-February-2006)
New Pumper / Rescue for Mt Barker (1-February-2006)
New 14 for Dalkeith (28-January-2006)
SA Police and Emergency Service Games are on soon (27-January-2006)
Photos from fires on Kangaroo Island (26-January-2006)
Photos of recent incidents (24-January-2006)
Past editions of Volunteer Magazine available (19-January-2006)
Ash Wednesday Memorial Service - Feb 16th (18-January-2006)
New 14 for Swan Reach (17-January-2006)
Tanker for Rhynie (16-January-2006)
New 34 for Happy Valley (14-January-2006)
Stories wanted for the next Volunteer Magazine (10-January-2006)
New photos from the Region 1 strike team 05/06 (6-January-2006)
Bunnings and Dulux fundraising launch (4-January-2006)
AFAC Volunteer Leaders Program (4-January-2006)
Photos from an Incident at Nairne (4-January-2006)
New address for Compton CFS website (1-January-2006)
Seasons Greetings (22-December-2005)
New 14's delivered (17-December-2005)
New appliances this week (2-December-2005)
Fire Restrictions across the state from Dec 1 (30-November-2005)
New 34P for Birdwood CFS (26-November-2005)
New 34P for Athelstone (24-November-2005)
Further fire restrictions commence (22-November-2005)
New photo gallery - appliances (18-November-2005)
Fire Restrictions commence in further areas (14-November-2005)
New photos - Flooding, Virginia / Two Wells (10-November-2005)
New appliance for Minlaton (7-November-2005)
2005 Media Awareness Workshops (6-November-2005)
New Bushfire Information and Warning System (3-November-2005)
Piccadilly CFS Assists the Star Bear Program again (2-November-2005)
Fire Danger Season starts in some areas (31-October-2005)
Activity Statistics for 2004-05 now available (29-October-2005)
Compton CFS website back on line (29-October-2005)
New photos added to photo gallery (28-October-2005)
Piccadilly CFS is turning 21 (28-October-2005)
Carey Gully CFS, 50th Birthday celebrations (28-October-2005)
Sunday in Mylor Community Event - Nov 13th (26-October-2005)
New Photos - Royal Show & Operation Mercury (23-October-2005)
Operation Mercury 05 - Photos (19-October-2005)
New 14 for Monash (15-October-2005)
New 34P for Coober Pedy (8-October-2005)
New 34 for Kadina (7-October-2005)
CFS attends 000 and 106 logo launch (1-October-2005)
Operation Mercury 2005 (30-September-2005)
New 34P for Keith (29-September-2005)
CFS Volunteer Magazine - e-copy available now (28-September-2005)
Coorong & Coonalpyn Group merger (23-September-2005)
Littlehampton CFS Car boot Sale - October 22nd (15-September-2005)
Incident Stats now available (9-September-2005)
Photo Gallery Updates (2-September-2005)
CFS Comps - Results (31-August-2005)
CFS Competition Photos (30-August-2005)
CFS at the Royal Adelaide Show (30-August-2005)
New 34 for Kimba (29-August-2005)
New 34 for Millicent (25-August-2005)
New appliances - Goolwa & Range / Hope Forest (23-August-2005)
House Fire at Mount Barker (19-August-2005)
Fun day out for children on the Convoy for Kids (18-August-2005)
CFS joins Convoy for Kids (12-August-2005)
New 24 for Blyth (11-August-2005)
New 34 appliance for Salisbury (10-August-2005)
New 34P appliances (10-August-2005)
Royal Adelaide Show Main Arena Presentation (7-August-2005)
Eden Hills Pumper Commissioning (1-August-2005)
New 34P for Virginia (28-July-2005)
New appliance for Glendambo (26-July-2005)
Official opening of Wirrabara Station (24-July-2005)
New Pumper for Eden Hills (24-July-2005)
New photos (12-July-2005)
Website for Compton CFS (6-July-2005)
New website for Meningie CFS (6-July-2005)
Crafers Gourmet Chicken and Seafood Takeaway (28-June-2005)
Current appliance database search (25-June-2005)
Kingston Emergency Services Official Opening (19-June-2005)
New CFS Car Stickers Released (1-June-2005)
Light Group & new Doppler radar (28-May-2005)
South Australian Fire Equipment Restorers forum (15-May-2005)
National Women in Firefighting Forum (11-May-2005)
Black Tuesday Video released to Brigades (11-May-2005)
CFS Unintimidated - Workshop (28-April-2005)
New appliance for Woodside (23-April-2005)
Fire Restictions extended in some areas (11-April-2005)
New Pumper for Mt Barker (9-April-2005)
CFS Competitions - August 2005 (6-April-2005)
Promotions Unit Photographer wins award (6-April-2005)
RCR Challenge Results (4-April-2005)
New website for Belair CFS (22-March-2005)
Appliance Movements (11-March-2005)
State Road Crash Rescue Challenge (11-March-2005)
New appliance for Lameroo (7-March-2005)
New website for Goolwa CFS (16-February-2005)
Changes to the website (6-February-2005)
Non Incident Activity Statistics 2003-04 (6-February-2005)
National Women in Firefighting Forum (6-February-2005)
New address for Coromandel Valley CFS website (29-January-2005)
Binnum receives new 34 (28-January-2005)
Summertown receives new 34 (19-January-2005)
Eyre Peninsula Fire Photos (18-January-2005)
Ash Wednesday Memorial Service - February 16th (18-January-2005)
Mt Osmond Fire photos (18-January-2005)
New appliance for Yongala (16-January-2005)
Open day Sunday 16th - to help fire victims (13-January-2005)
Warramboo receives new appliance (7-January-2005)
New Hazmat appliance for Dalkeith (31-December-2004)
Ladder 49 private movie screening (31-December-2004)
New appliance for Kingscote (28-December-2004)
Christmas Greetings (18-December-2004)
Lucindale CFS web pages (18-December-2004)
New Station for Thornlea (1-December-2004)
Balhannah Shed Fire Photos (1-December-2004)
Fire Restictions now across the state (1-December-2004)
Celebrations for Greenock CFS (21-November-2004)
New Station for Wolseley (19-November-2004)
Two new appliances for Ironbank (19-November-2004)
More Fire Restrictions come into force (16-November-2004)
Stirling Fire Expo (14-November-2004)
New Station for Elliston (11-November-2004)
New Station for Waterloo CFS (10-November-2004)
New Station for Wirrabara (10-November-2004)
New Station for Snowtown (10-November-2004)
New Station for Alma (8-November-2004)
Official Opening for Woolsheds / Wasleys Station (8-November-2004)
New Station for Southend (2-November-2004)
New Station for Beachport (2-November-2004)
Fire Restrictions commence in some areas (31-October-2004)
Mock accident photos - Mannum (19-October-2004)
More photos on display (16-October-2004)
National Medal Presentations (16-October-2004)
Orrorro takes delivery of new appliance (12-October-2004)
Dalkeith CFS celebrates 10 years (10-October-2004)
OrienTEAMing 04 - Leadership Directions for 18-30s (4-October-2004)
Appliance movements (2-October-2004)
Yorke Peninsula Mini Field Day photos available (30-September-2004)
Website for Coromandel Valley CFS (14-September-2004)
Appliance movements (9-September-2004)
CFS Competitions - October 10th (9-September-2004)
New appliances this week (2-September-2004)
New photos added (30-August-2004)
New appliances this week (29-August-2004)
New appliance for Balaklava (24-August-2004)
CFS at the Royal Show (19-August-2004)
New appliance for Roseworthy CFS (18-August-2004)
Annual Community Seminar, South East SAVFBA (16-August-2004)
New appliance for White Flat (16-August-2004)
Changes to the Promotions Unit Website (14-August-2004)
Region 3 Field Day photos available now (8-August-2004)
New appliances delivered this week (3-August-2004)
Region 2 Operations brigade website (30-July-2004)
New appliance for Blackwood CFS (29-July-2004)
Monash CFS Celebrates 50 years (26-July-2004)
New appliance for Clarendon (26-July-2004)
New website for Murray Bridge CFS (25-July-2004)
Contacts wanted for Port Elliot CFS 50 years (25-July-2004)
Incident Statistics for 2003-04 now available (22-July-2004)
New appliances this week (16-July-2004)
CFS & McLeods daughters memorabilia (15-July-2004)
Appliance registration numbers on line (12-July-2004)
ERGUIDE Updates start (12-July-2004)
More new appliances arrive (11-July-2004)
Region 3 Field Day (6-July-2004)
SA Metropolitan Fire Service Website Upgrade (28-June-2004)
New appliances for Naracoorte and Glencoe (26-June-2004)
Region 1 Operations brigade calls for volunteers (26-June-2004)
VFBA South East Annual Emergency Services Night (22-June-2004)
New Appliance for Kangarilla CFS (22-June-2004)
Calling past and present members of Burnside CFS (9-June-2004)
Promotions Unit Guide to photos (30-May-2004)
Official Opening of new Salisbury CFS Station (30-May-2004)
First of the new 24Ps arrive at Mt Pleasant (20-May-2004)
New fire station for Salisbury CFS (13-May-2004)
New Classroom for Region 5 Training Centre (13-May-2004)
Naracoorte CFS Cadets at ANZAC day commemoration (29-April-2004)
Fire Danger Season Ends (29-April-2004)
Road Crash Rescue Comps Results (22-April-2004)
Lyndoch Road Crash demonstration (11-April-2004)
Fire Restrictions still in force (11-April-2004)
Piccadilly CFS & Star bear program (11-April-2004)
Road Crash Rescue Competitions - April 2004 (23-March-2004)
SA Police and Emergency Services Games (16-March-2004)
Echunga to Byrock Bash (16-March-2004)
Salisbury CFS launches new brigade website (10-February-2004)
New Office for Region 1 HQ (7-February-2004)
Ash Wednesday Memorial Service (7-February-2004)
New Photo Gallery (14-January-2004)
CFS at the Scout Jamboree - Woodhouse (28-December-2003)
Christmas Greetings (18-December-2003)
Promotions Unit Websites new camera (12-December-2003)
New appliance for Mallala CFS (10-December-2003)
New appliance for Strathalbyn CFS (4-December-2003)
Fire Restrictions start - Mt Lofty Ranges, KI (30-November-2003)
Site information updates (30-November-2003)
Fire Restrictions start Lower South East Nov 22 (21-November-2003)
Oakbank - Balhannah CFS celebrates 50 years (20-November-2003)
New website for Athelstone CFS (20-November-2003)
Fire Restrictions commence in some areas - Nov 15 (14-November-2003)
Region 1 Field Day - Photos (1-November-2003)
Region 2 Field Day - Photos (20-October-2003)
Fire Restrictions start in some areas - November 1 (15-October-2003)
Calling all Web Site Developers (13-October-2003)
CFS Comps - October 12th (26-September-2003)
Additons to Blanchetown CFS & SES Station (18-September-2003)
Region 1 Field Day (18-September-2003)
Region 2 Field Day (4-September-2003)
2002-03 Incident & Activity Stats now available (17-August-2003)
Updated website for Lincoln CFS (13-August-2003)
New Hot Pad training area - photos (10-August-2003)
Region 3 Field Day photos (10-August-2003)
Photos from the lower south east (9-August-2003)
The CFS and McLeods Daughters - 13th August, (7-August-2003)
Bluey Day - August 16th (2-August-2003)
New website for SAVFBA (2-August-2003)
Region 6 Field Day (2-August-2003)
Region 3 Field Day (29-July-2003)
Celebration of Participation conference - photos (9-June-2003)
Angaston CFS Group training exercise - photos (1-June-2003)
Training exercise at Royal Adelaide Hospital (27-May-2003)
Photos from Operation Supreme Truth (26-May-2003)
Celebration of participation conference, June 2003 (22-May-2003)
Salisbury CFS celebrates 60 years (22-May-2003)
New 14 appliance for Hermitage (22-May-2003)
Origin Energy donation - new GPS units purchased (21-May-2003)
Some Fire Restrictions finish, some still in force (22-April-2003)
New Rescue appliance for Mount Barker (22-April-2003)
New website for Lyndoch CFS (11-April-2003)
Women of the CFS Conference - June 2003 (25-March-2003)
New Website for Eden Hills brigade (16-March-2003)
Meningie CFS Come and Try (19-February-2003)
Ash Wednesday Memorial Service (19-February-2003)
Ash Wednesday Memorial - Naracoorte (11-February-2003)
Ash Wednesday Memorial Parade - Mt Lofty Summit (11-February-2003)
New Website for Kangaroo Island Group (8-February-2003)
More pictures from the Victorian Deployment (7-February-2003)
Pictures available from the Buchan fires, Victoria (7-February-2003)
Victorian deployment pictures available (2-February-2003)
CFS Deployment to Victoria (31-January-2003)
Ash Wednesday Memorial Service (16-January-2003)
Upgrading of the Promotions Unit site (10-January-2003)
Seasons Greetings (20-December-2002)
Burnside CFS Open Day (6-December-2002)
Photos from the NSW Deployment, November 2002 (8-November-2002)
Second Deployment of Crews to NSW (6-November-2002)
More crews fly to NSW to assist (3-November-2002)
CFS crews to deployed to assist NSW firefighters (2-November-2002)
Photos wanted (25-October-2002)
Birdwood CFS celebrates 50 years (22-October-2002)
2002 Region 2 Field Day Photos (20-October-2002)
2002 Region 5 Field Day photos (20-October-2002)
Fire Danger Season starts early in Mt Lofty Ranges (16-October-2002)
Fire danger season start dates - all areas (16-October-2002)
Promotions Unit Website wins award (4-October-2002)
Region 5 Field Day - Naracoorte (22-September-2002)
Region 2 Field Day - Paskeville (22-September-2002)
CFS Competitions - Sunday 29th September (21-September-2002)
2001-02 Statistics Now Available (4-September-2002)
Yankalilla CFS celebrates 50 years (2-September-2002)
2002 Region 3 Field Day photos (29-August-2002)
CFS at the Royal Adelaide Show (29-August-2002)
2002 Region 4 Field Day photos (29-August-2002)
Next WoCFS workshops August 24-25th (11-August-2002)
Region 4 Field Day (11-August-2002)
New CFS Group formed - Chaffey Group (11-August-2002)
Women of the CFS Workshops at Kersbrook (1-August-2002)
New website for Goolwa CFS (20-July-2002)
CFS Competitions - change of venue (20-July-2002)
Women of CFS Workshops - Region 2 (20-July-2002)
World Firefighters Games, Christchurch (22-June-2002)
New Communications Centre for the Gumeracha Group (18-June-2002)
S A Police and Emergency Services Games (18-June-2002)
Apologies for web site unavailability (14-May-2002)
Updated website for Lincoln CFS (23-April-2002)
New extensions for Paskeville CFS (23-April-2002)
Nuriootpa CFS turns 60 (23-April-2002)
Fire Danger Season extended (21-April-2002)
New Website for Port Elliot (21-April-2002)
Women of CFS Workshops - Registration form out now (21-March-2002)
Women of CFS Workshops (20-February-2002)
Australia day Honours for Meningie Captain (18-February-2002)
SACFS Firefighters in the Sydney Parade (10-February-2002)
Ash Wednesday Memorial Service (9-February-2002)
Firefighters Australia Day Parade (5-February-2002)
Thanks to the firefighters (10-January-2002)
Sydney 2001 / 2002 Fires - Pictures (9-January-2002)
Thank -you from NSW resident (9-January-2002)
Updates on the Bushfire situation in NSW (1-January-2002)
Updates on the Bushfire situation in NSW (1-January-2002)
Updates on the Bushfire situation in NSW (31-December-2001)
CFS Crews assisting in NSW Fires (29-December-2001)
Happy and Safe New Year (29-December-2001)
Fire Locators wanted! (19-December-2001)
CEO's farewell BBQ (13-December-2001)
2000-01 Activity Statistics Now Available (29-November-2001)
World Firefighter Games, 2002 (28-November-2001)
IYV Presentation - Yalanda /James CFS (27-November-2001)
Ceduna CFS IYV Medals (27-November-2001)
Minnipa CFS Celebrates 50 years (27-November-2001)
New Cadets at Goolwa (27-November-2001)
IYV Medals Presentation - Horrocks Group (27-November-2001)
IYV -Snowtown, Blyth, Lochiel & Hoyleton (27-November-2001)
IYV medal Presentation - Yorketown CFS (27-November-2001)
Barmera IYV Medal Presentation (13-November-2001)

To see previous news articles, view our news archive.

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Beachport Station
Beachport Station     -     Picture by Bill Corcoran

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CFA Wandin
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CFA Warrandyte
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CFS Promotions Unit
Chubb Fire Australia (Quell / FFE)
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Fraser Engineering - fire appliance builders
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Hostile Environment Services
International Association of Wildland Fire
International product guide to the fire fighting and fire rescue industries.
Kuipers Engineering
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MR NSW Lake Macquarie
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NSW Fire Brigades Band & Precision Marching Team
NSW Museum of Fire, Penrith
NSW Office of Environment and Heritage
NSW RFS Alpine
NSW RFS Alpine/Aylmerton
NSW RFS Avoca Beach
NSW RFS Bilpin
NSW RFS Bishops Bridge
NSW RFS Blaxland
NSW RFS Blue Mountains District
NSW RFS Blue Mountains Group Support brigade
NSW RFS Candlagan
NSW RFS Canobolas Zone
NSW RFS Captains Flat
NSW RFS Cherrybrook
NSW RFS Coramba
NSW RFS Cumberland Zone Communications
NSW RFS Cumboogle
NSW RFS Deepwater
NSW RFS East Kurrajong
NSW RFS Faulconbridge
NSW RFS Glenhaven
NSW RFS Gloucester River
NSW RFS Hawkesbury Rural Fire District Communications Group
NSW RFS Hawksbury Headquarters
NSW RFS Hazelbrook
NSW RFS Helensburgh
NSW RFS Hillside
NSW RFS Hoxton Park
NSW RFS Illawong
NSW RFS Killcare-Wagstaffe
NSW RFS Kurrajong
NSW RFS Lake George
NSW RFS Mangrove Mountain
NSW RFS Marsden Park
NSW RFS Marulan
NSW RFS Megalong Valley
NSW RFS Middle Arm Wayo
NSW RFS Middle Dural
NSW RFS Monaro
NSW RFS Mount Wilson and Mount Irvine
NSW RFS Mt Riverview
NSW RFS Nerrigundah
NSW RFS North West Orange
NSW RFS Numeralla - Countegany
NSW RFS Orangeville Werombi
NSW RFS Peninsula
NSW RFS Penrose
NSW RFS Plumpton
NSW RFS Queanbeyan
NSW RFS Robertson
NSW RFS Rothbury
NSW RFS Sancrox Thrumster
NSW RFS Scotland Island
NSW RFS Seahampton
NSW RFS South Katoomba
NSW RFS Southampton
NSW RFS St Georges Basin
NSW RFS Sutton
NSW RFS Tanilba Bay
NSW RFS Tathra
NSW RFS The Oaks
NSW RFS Tuross Head
NSW RFS Valley Heights
NSW RFS Wallaroo
NSW RFS Wamboin
NSW RFS Warringah Pittwater District
NSW RFS Wentworth Falls
NSW RFS West Pittwater
NSW RFS Windellama
NSW RFS Wingello
NSW RFS Winmalee
NSW RFS Wisemans Ferry
NSW RFS Woronora
NSW RFS Woronora
NSW SES Blue Mountains
NSW SES Kogarah
NSW SES Murrumbidgee
NSW SES Orange
NSW SES Queanbeyan
NSW SES Shoalhaven City
NSW SES Volunteers Association
NSW SES Willoughby - Lane Cove
NSW SES Woolongong
NSW Volunteer Firefighters Association
NSW VRA Brunswick Valley Rescue Squad
NSW VRA Central Coast
NSW VRA Cessnock District
NSW VRA Tweed District
NT BFB Edith Farms
NWS RFS Photostream
Old Ambulance SA
Oz Emergency Services
Ozfire - Australian Fire Appliances
Patches On Fire, Fire Service Patch Collection
Phoenix Rising K5 - Queensland
Prenco Environmental Spill Control
QLD SES Ipswich City Unit
QLD SES Western Group
QRFS Cambooya
QRFS Closeburn
QRFS Dayboro and District
QRFS Ipswich Group
QRFS Mudgeeraba
QRFS Ripley Valley
QRFS Tamborine Mountain
Queensland Fire Museum
Quik Corp - Manufacturer of QuikSpray hose reels
Quik Corp Fire Engineering
Red Cross
Rescue Training and Resource guide
SA CFS Aldgate
SA CFS Aldinga Beach
SA CFS Auburn
SA CFS Beachport
SA CFS Blackwood
SA CFS Bradbury
SA CFS Burnside
SA CFS Compton
SA CFS Eden Hills
SA CFS Eudunda
SA CFS Freeling
SA CFS Friends of Roxby Downs CFS
SA CFS Gawler River
SA CFS Goolwa
SA CFS Greenhill
SA CFS Gumeracha
SA CFS Hahndorf
SA CFS Hynam
SA CFS Kangarilla
SA CFS Lacepede Group
SA CFS Lincoln
SA CFS Mannum
SA CFS McLaren Flat
SA CFS McLaren Vale
SA CFS Middleton
SA CFS Millicent
SA CFS Monash
SA CFS Morphett Vale
SA CFS Mount Compass
SA CFS Mount Pleasant
SA CFS Mt Torrens
SA CFS Murray Bridge - public
SA CFS Mylor
SA CFS Nangwarry
SA CFS Naracoorte
SA CFS Norton Summit
SA CFS Paracombe
SA CFS Peterborough
SA CFS Piccadilly
SA CFS Range - Hope Forest
SA CFS Region 2
SA CFS Region 5
SA CFS Salisbury
SA CFS Seaford
SA CFS Sellicks
SA CFS Spalding
SA CFS State Training Centre
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SA CFS Tanunda
SA CFS Virginia
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SA CFS Youth Advisory Council
SA Emergency Services Scanner Guide
SA Firefighter & web forum
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SA SES Kingston
SA SES Loxton
SA SES Murray Bridge
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SA SES South Coast
SA SES Strathalbyn
SACFS Aldgate
SACFS Athelstone
SACFS Barossa Group
SACFS Blackwood
SACFS Bradbury
SACFS Bridgewater
SACFS Burnside
SACFS East Torrens Group
SACFS Kangarilla
SACFS Lyndoch
SACFS Meningie
SACFS Milang
SACFS Mount Barker
SACFS Naracoorte
SACFS Norton Summit / Ashton
SACFS Paracombe
SACFS Piccadilly
SACFS Southern Yorke Group
SACFS Stirling
SACFS Sturt Group
SACFS Victor Harbor Group
SACFS Willunga
SACFS Yorke Valley Group
SASES Enfield
SASES Metro South
SASES Strathalbyn
SASES Tea Tree Gully
Sasgar Fire and Rescue
SEM Fire and Rescue
South Australian Emergency Veterinary Emergency Management Inc
St John Ambulance Australia
Stewart & Heaton Clothing Co.
Tasmania Fire Service
Tasmania Fire Service Museum
Tetracom, Radio Communications and Satellite Telephone
TFS Claremont
TFS Margate
TFS Risdon Vale
TFS Somerset
TFS Taroona
TFS Ulverstone
The Australian Volunteer Coast Guard
TheBigRedGuide - Fire products news and events
Urban Firefighter
VIC CFA (Country Fire Authority)
VIC CFA Edenhope
VIC CFA Haddon
VIC CFA Somerville
VIC CFA Sorrento
VIC SES Altona
VIC SES Broadmeadows
VIC SES Lilydale
VMRQ Gladstone
VMRQ Jacobs Well
VMRQ Victoria Point
VMRQ Whitsunday
WA BFS Allanson
WA BFS Badgingarra
WA BFS Baldivis
WA BFS Bedfordale
WA BFS Bindoon
WA BFS Bridgetown Support
WA BFS Bullsbrook
WA BFS Bullsbrook
WA BFS Bunbury
WA BFS Byford
WA BFS Cadoux-Manmanning
WA BFS Dalwallinu
WA BFS Darling Range
WA BFS Dunsborough
WA BFS East Gidgegannup
WA BFS Glen Forrest
WA BFS Gosnells
WA BFS Janakot
WA BFS Jarrahdale
WA BFS Julimar
WA BFS Kalamunda
WA BFS Kalgan
WA BFS Oakford
WA BFS Parkerville
WA BFS Quinns Rock
WA BFS Roleystone
WA BFS Sawyers Valley
WA BFS Two Rocks
WA BFS Two Rocks
WA BFS Wanneroo
WA BFS Wanneroo Fire Support
WA BFS Waterloo
WA BFS West Gidgegannup
WA BFS Yallingup
WA Fire Appliances
WA FRS Kalamunda
WA FRS Mount Barker
WA FRS Mundaring
WA FRS Yanchep
WA SES Armadale
WA SES Australind
WA SES Bayswater
WA SES Belmont / Victoria Park
WA SES Canning / South Perth
WA SES Cockburn
WA SES Mandurah
WA SES Northshore
WA SES Wanneroo Joondalup
WA VBFB Coolup
WA VBFB Cowaramup
WA VBFB Dardanup
WA VBFS Chidlow
WA VFRS Bunbury
WA VFRS Carnarvon
Wireless Institute Civil Emergency Network, South Australia
Hydroflo Australia
NSW SES Lightning Ridge
Whereis Street Directory

Who Is the CFS Promotions Unit ?

Logo of the CFSVA Official CFS Insignia - The Fire Service Star The CFS Promotions Unit was formed in 1994 with a CFS mobile display unit known as the Pantech to promote the role of the CFS and the volunteers that make the CFS the great organisation that it is. It was found that prior to the unit, most people were unaware that the CFS did more than just combat bushfires.

The CFS Promotions Unit website started in 1996 as part of the Pantech display and was linked to an interactive map. In 1998, the website was launched on to the Internet, with a major overhaul of the website in 2001 and again in 2005. The Photographic section of the Unit took off with the advent of digital cameras and many images were made available on the Photo galleries on the site. The Pantech was retired after 10 years of service and the Unit continued to operate with other vehicles enabling the Unit to travel all over the State. In 2012, the website evolved to include a large History section to compliment the up to date information on each brigade, as well as expanding to cover many other South Australian Emergency Services.

The website is a way for brigades to recruit and inform members, to assist the public in understanding something about the CFS - including their local brigade - and to promote the volunteering ethic.

The Website Administrators - Pip & Ashley, who are both CFS volunteers, run the site, with input from CFS members and the public all over the State. The information on this website is updated regularly, through mailouts to brigades, and input via the website.

Photographs are updated whenever possible, and while most of the photographs are taken by the Website Administrators on their travels across the state, it is often difficult for them to update those photos on a regular basis. The Website Administrators welcome suitable photographs from anyone.

This is not the official site of the SA Country Fire Service or the Country Fire Service Volunteers Association. Their official sites can be accessed by clicking on the logos. This site is however operated with the full co-operation of the SA Country Fire Service (CFS) Headquarters and individual CFS stations. It also has the full endorsement and support of the Country Fire Service Volunteers Association (CFSVA).

Further details on the funding and ownership of this site can be found in the legal section in the menu bar on the left of screen.

Pip & Ashley
Administrators, CFS Promotions Unit Website